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Demi Lovato Reveals How She Started Loving Her Stretch Marks After Her Eating Disorder

Demi Lovato makes a social media post sharing how she started loving the stretch marks after recovering from an eating disorder.

The former Disney sweetheart, Demi Lovato has always been open about her struggle with mental health and body image issues. Her fans laud her for candidly shedding light on such taboo subjects.

Recently, Demi spoke about her recovery from an eating disorder. Speaking of the same, she said, “I used to genuinely believe recovery from an eating disorder wasn’t real. That everyone was faking or secretly relapsing behind closed doors. ‘Surely she throws up here and there’, ‘she can’t POSSIBLY accept her cellulite’… those we’re just a few of the things that I used to tell myself growing up.”

Taking to her Instagram handle, the singer celebrated her stretch marks. This surely has been a beacon light for those who are currently recovering from an eating disorder.

Kudos to Demi for publicly addressing the same.

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