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Demi Lovato & Her Family Is Happy While Ex Max Ehrich Shares ‘Heart-Broken’ Selfie

Singer Demi Lovato is enjoying her weekend with her BFF Matthew Scott Montgomery at Calabasas while ex-fiancé Max Ehrich shared a weepy selfie with heartbroken emoji on Instagram.

Demi Lovato Is Enjoying Halloween Drive-Thru With BFF Post Break Up With Max Ehrich

Newly-single Demi Lovato isn’t up for any post break up drama!!

The singer is sending major weekend vibes to all her 201.2 million social media followers. Demi is relaxed and carefree while her Drive-Thru Sunday spent at Nights Of The Jack in Calabasas.

Meanwhile, in Georgia, Demi’s ex-fiancé Max Ehrich was grieving the end of their six-month whirlwind romance, and on Sunday he captioned his weepy selfie with a broken heart emoji.

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Also, there are reports following their latest breakup, Max Ehrich has put several allegations against ex-fiance Demi Lovato, and her family is apparently relieved that the couple called it quits before walking down the aisle.

A source close to the “Skyscraper” hitmaker revealed to to a news portal about how some close relatives is glad about their latest breakup. “Her whole family is breathing a sigh of relief that she was able to see the signs before they got married,” the source said.

He further added, “The way Max is [attacking her on-line] is just proving that Demi made the right call by ending the engagement. When they first broke up some of her family and friends were questioning if it might be a temporary split but the way he’s acting [since she broke up with him] makes it very clear there’s just no going back.”

Singer Max Ehric Accused Demi: Public Relations Stunt”

Demi Lovato and Max Eric
Demi Lovato and Ex Fiance Max Eric (Picture by Instagram)

Max has accused Demi of using their relationship as a “public relations stunt” after reports of their split went viral and said he came to know that Demi called off their engagement through “a tabloid.”

The source added, “Demi is staying strong but this hasn’t been easy for her. The only good thing about Max acting the way he has since they broke up is that he’s just proving over and over that she made the right choice by walking away. It’s really upsetting that he’s lashing out but she’ll rise above it and come out stronger, that’s what she does.”

Another source told about how Demi felt in the midst of Max’s claims. “She is really disappointed that it has gotten to this point with Max. Breakups are never something anyone wants to deal with, and the way Max is reacting and the fallout of it all is heartbreaking,” the source said.

 “She hopes all this will pass soon and she can focus on everything else that is happening in her life. She doesn’t want heartbreak; she wants to be in a great situation in her life and getting over this relationship will be a good start. Hopefully for Demi, Max stops talking about it.”

For the unversed in July, Max and Demi dated for only a few months before he proposed Demi but even after taking a big step their relationship was short-lived and the couple called it quits last month.

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Max expressed his frustration two days later, writing on social media, “Imagine finding out the status of your relationship through a tabloid.”

A third people familiar to Demi said that the singer was happy to have a support of family and close friends amid this chaos. “She is doing her best to focus on moving on and feels grateful she has an amazing support system around her of friends and family,” the insider reported to a news portal.

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato Haven’t Officially Broken Up?
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