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Demi Lovato Confirms Dating Max Ehrich!

Demi Lovato has just made her relationship with Max Ehrich official after accidentally crashing his Instagram live video. Read below to know more.

The alleys of Hollywood had the rumor of Demi Lovato dating Max Ehrich making rounds. But it seems like Demi has unknowingly made it official by accidentally crashing into Max Ehrich’s Instagram live video.

Even though Demi only appeared for a few seconds on the screen, it was enough for the fans to know it was her and now the clip is all over the internet and we can’t get enough of it. The 28-year-old actor can be seen at a piano shirtless, in the video.

As the ‘Tell Me You Love Me Singer’ singer enters the room, Max can be heard whispering “I am on live” to her. But it seems like the whisper was too low for Demi to hear as moments later she appears in front of the screen to give her shirtless boyfriend a blanket.

Max then again whispers that he is live on Instagram and this time Demi hears him and puts the blanket over her face and gets out away from the camera.

The news of Max and Demi dating each other sparked recently when the two were found exchanging flirty comments on Instagram. A couple of days back, Max posted a shirtless picture of himself and captioned it, “When u realize u should’ve packed more for your quarantine stay.” Reacting to it Demi commented, “Fine by me.”

It seems like during this quarantine phase, the couple is cooped up together under the same roof and are enjoying each other’s company letting the romance between them blossom.

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