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Dakota Johnson Stole Flogger And Underwear As Souvenirs From FSOG

Best known by fans for stellar performance as Anastasia Grey in Fifty Shades film franchise, budding Hollywood starlet Dakota Johnson stole flogger and underwear as souvenirs from FSOG.

This is true that movies give us a chance and breakaway more like an escape from the reality albeit even if just for a few hours wherein through entire process of editing, setting, sets, costumes, and lots more we are taken away into another world altogether. Certainly, there is an unnoticed element which is also important in creating these visually appealing and enticing illusions on the celluloid screens in movies which are the props and yes Hollywood stars have totally recognized its importance where many of them have kept them as a souvenir to remind them of their times on the sets and have indeed stolen props from the sets. In this same trend now, her fans would be excited to know that their favorite Dakota Johnson stole flogger and underwear as souvenirs from FSOG.

When it comes to the most loved and superhit erotica franchise Fifty Shades Of Grey (FSOG) franchise, the most intriguing and enticing props were a little risqué but that didn’t stop her from stealing it from the sets wherein Dakota Johnson stole flogger and underwear as souvenirs from FSOG.

Yes, this is indeed an interesting and spicy bit of hot gossip that to remind herself of the time and memories from the filming of the steamy and passionately intense romantic steamy movie trilogy, Dakota Johnson stole flogger and underwear as souvenirs from FSOG.

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Dakota comes from a totally wealthy and famous family and is the daughter of ace Hollywood star Melanie Griffith and also did her acting debut with her mom as a child in the 1999 film Crazy In Alabama wherein she and half-sister played daughters of their real life mom.

In 2015, she did get her big Hollywood break with the racy and romantic trilogy film series which was an official movie adaptation from the Fifty Shades book trilogy that had been written by E.L. James where both Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson played the characters of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele in the film series and surprisingly though this movie has been a huge hit franchise but this didn’t mean that taking on this sexy and totally controversy stirring character was a safe play for Dakota.

She played this character of Anastasia in all the three super successful blockbuster films of the Fifty Shades franchise that include Fifty Shades Of Grey (2015), Fifty Shades Darker (2017) and Fifty Shades Freed (2018) and this has definitely been her career best path breaking performance till date even if in an old interview with a leading digital entertainment portal, Dakota confessed about how making this film was “the biggest sacrifice she’d ever made” and also spoke about how the steamy sex scenes in the film were totally cringe worthy.

Dakota in that interview also told about how there were some things and elements that she just couldn’t really leave behind on the film sets and when asked about if she took any of her wardrobe back home, on this Dakota spilled, “I stole lots of the underwear – they were comfortable”. But not only this, Dakota also stole a flogger from Fifty Shades film sets even though it is currently not much in use since, “it’s in the garage with dust”.

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