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Dakota Johnson Revealed Alfred Hitchcock Ruined Career Of Her Grandmother

Dakota's grandmother Tippi is famous for her role in the Hitchcock classics The Birds and Marnie.

Dakota Johnson has recently said Alfred Hitchcock terrorized her grandmother Tippi Hedren and ruined her career because she didn’t wanna sleep with him. Tippi, 91, who is known for the Hitchcock classics The Birds and Marnie, has herself made the allegations multiple times over the years. During a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter Dakota revealed that her grandmother taught her not to ‘put up with that s*** from anybody.’

Dakota, whose movie-star mother Melanie Griffith shared that her grandmother was ‘encouraging’ of her own showbiz aspirations. “And she’s, you know, she’s always been really honest and firm about standing up for yourself and that’s what she did. And, you know, Hitchcock ruined her career because she didn’t wanna sleep with him. And he terrorized her and was never held accountable,’ said the Fifty Shades Of Grey actress.

Moreover, Dakota remarked with a smile that Tippi “would say it in a far more eloquent way, because she’s like, you know, she’s such a glamorous movie star still. You know, she spends like three hours a day, even if she doesn’t leave the house, getting ready.” Tippi has been discussing her fraught working experience with Hitchcock in public for years including in her 2016 memoirs.

The Birds actress described the director, whom she worked with in the mid-1960s, as having been ‘obsessed’ with her during their professional relationship. He instructed her The Birds co-star Rod Taylor to avoid her, and he himself grew glacial if he caught sight of her speaking to another man on set. Meanwhile, in one “awful moment in the back of a limousine Hitchcock ‘threw himself on top of me and tried to kiss me,” she wrote.

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Although, Tippi regarded him as a ‘brilliant filmmaker’ and described a ‘wave of sadness’ she felt upon his death in 1980. However, near the end of 2017 when the Me Too movement took off Tippi wrote on Twitter, “I dealt with sexual harassment all the time, during my modeling and film career. Hitchcock wasn’t the first. However, I wasn’t going to take it anymore, so I simply walked away and didnt look back.”

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