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Cody Simpson Looks Hotter Than Ever As Got A New Hair Do

In new monochrome pictures taken outdoors, the Australian star snuggled up to his new rescue dog Bo. Check out the picture below.

Cody Simpson showed off his new shaved head in a double post posted by Instagram on Friday, May 29.  Posing with his cute rescue dog Bo, whom he rescued in March with girlfriend Miley Cyrus, 27 well, shirtless Cody seemed to be enjoying the sun in California.

His muscled and defined arms were completely displayed in the snaps showing he was certainly working on his quarantine fitness! “Salty dogs,” the author of Prince Neptune: Poetry and Prose captioned the photos. Cody was relaxed wearing a pair of black jeans in his backyard, black Vans shoes and a chic Chanel face mask that probably he borrowed from Miley.

Miley, like a pro, expertly used an electric razor to help transform Cody’s untamed mane into a buzzcut that he later showed off on his own Instagram. “Buzzin,” the video was captioned by Cody.“Clean cuts for the clean ocean, I say,”  he added, shouting out a charitable cause.

In the latest pictures, Bo and Cody looked totally inseparable and we are so pleased to see the pup pleased at his new home! “Baby boy Bo,” Cody posted back in March, dubbing his “sweet son.” as the pooch.

The short-and-sweet name was inspired by 58-year-old Miley ‘s father Billy Ray Cyrus, nicknamed “Bo” back in high school.

Miley and Cody have been staying together since hooking up last year! After California’s stay-at-home policy came into effect, the pair have been quarantined together, and look more in love than ever.

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In an April 2 live Instagram video, Cody also posted a romantic poem from his latest novel, which he wrote for Miley.  “In the ancient night, she flies once more. Back to the sun and the stars. I try to chase her there but fall short, for I cannot breathe that high in the radiant heavens where she lingers,” he said.

“I can only admire from below, humble, starry-eyed poet with a desire for that which is most beautiful. And she is most beautiful. All other beauties sleep in winter forests. She is the one who swims in the sun and doesn’t try up,” he continued. Miley was overwhelmed and replied back by the sweet gesture, gushing, “Aww, I love you babe!”

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