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Cindy Crawford’s ‘MISUNDERSTOOD’ son Presley Gerber defends face tattoo

Cindy Crawford’s model son Presley Gerber is defending his face tattoo and claims he’s misunderstood.

We all know Cindy Crawford’s gorgeous daughter Kaia Gerber, especially after he brief romance with Ariana Grande’s ex-fiance Pete Davidson. But now it seems like Crawford’s model son Presley Gerber is garnering much public attention after pulling off a Post Malone; getting a face tattoo.

Presley’s decision to get  his face inked is not going down well with fans, causing him to feel “misunderstood.”

Crawford’s 20-year-old son took to Instagram Live to shut down trolls who are criticizing him for getting ‘MISUNDERSTOOD’ tattooed on his right cheek.

“You don’t know how I feel,” Presley begun saying to his followers. “You’re not in my head,” he adds.

“I don’t feel very understood, I guess,” he continued.

A troll commented on his live saying, “You’ve ruined your canvas,” to which Presley was prompt to give a fitting reply saying, “If anyone has s–t to say to me about this, or anything else, or my family, or how I grew up …” he said. “I will give you my address — I promise,” Presley continued, “and you can come say it to my face,” Presley challenged the troll.

“If I thought this was going to ruin my face or I didn’t want this, I wouldn’t have done it,” Presley explained.

“I think that’s a pretty obvious thing. It says misunderstood because that’s how I felt my entire life,” the model defended his tattoo.

Presley’s model friend Cameron Rorrison chimed in to shut down the trolls clarifying, “His parents love it, by the way,” because Presley had previously jokingly said “Sorry mom,” while getting inked, as one would say as an expression.

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