Cinderella At 2am : South Korean Premiere Date Released

The latest reports say that the upcoming K-drama "Cinderella at 2 am" is now set to debut globally on August 24th, 2024.

The highly-anticipated romantic comedy series “Cinderella at 2 am,” starring Shin Hyun Been and Moon Sang Min, has finally confirmed its premiere date. The latest reports say that the upcoming K-drama is now set to debut globally on August 24th, 2024.

This upcoming series is set in a corporate setting and follows the complicated love story of Seo Ju Won, a young scion of a conglomerate, who is captivated by Ha Yoon Seo, a practical and capable woman. He is all heart to the female but is taken aback by observing her will, to put an end to their relationship.

Actress Shin Hyun takes on the role of the girlfriend, a no-nonsense woman, sceptical of fairy-tale romance. When urged by her boyfriend’s mother to take things away, she calmly provides her bank account details, making it clear where any settlement should be directed. Meanwhile, Moon Sang Min will be playing the character of Seo Ju Won, an ideal son, the youngest in his family. Regardless of the privileged background he has, the character tends to be unwavering in his quest to win back Yun Seo’s love after her abrupt breakup decision. 

The series intricately explores Ju Won’s persistent pursuit of Yoon Seo, while also delving into Ha Yoon Seo’s determination to stand by her decision, even in the face of compensation for the breakup.

All eyes are eagerly on the release of this drama, as it promises to deliver a captivating narrative filled with humour, romance, and the complexities of relationships. So mark your calendars as “Cinderella at 2 am” is all set to weave its enchanting tale into our hearts starting August 24 this year. The show is said to have a total of 10 episodes, and every new episode will be aired from 9 pm onwards on Coupang Play, every Saturday and Sunday.

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