Chrissy Teigen Honours Her Unborn Son By Getting A Beautiful Tattoo

Chrissy Teigen gets herself a beautiful tattoo to honour her unborn son Jack. The model suffered a miscarriage a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of weeks back, model Chrissy Teigen shared the heartbreaking news of her miscarriage on4 her social media handle. Teigen mentioned that she has lost her third child due to excessive bleeding. In a long emotional note, Chrissy made a confession to calling her unborn son Jack and how he will always be a part of their lives. In the latest news, Chrissy Teigen has got herself a beautiful tattoo to honour her unborn son with husband John Legend.

The mother of two is surely devastated after losing her child and is trying to cope up with the trauma.  After the miscarriage, Chrissy took some time off social media to grieve in private. A couple of days back, the model returned to social media and share date night details with John. In the same post, she gave the first glimpse of her tattoo which read “Jack”.

The beautiful tattoo to honour her unborn son is surely heartbreaking for Chrissy Teigen. Alas, it’s the only way they can remember him.

Taking to her social media handle the 30-year old shared a video of herself. She captioned the video, “I have gotten used to my naturally frowny mouth. It’s kind of wild how much I laugh and smile and how it’s still frowny, no matter what lol.”

After her return to social media, Chrissy shared a long note sharing her experience. In the post, she thanked everyone who rallied around her during the tough days and bed rest. Chrissy also expressed her gratitude towards the doctors who tried everything they can to save her third child.

Chrissy Teigen concluded the note by writing, “I am surrounded, in a human therapy blanket of love. I am grateful and healing and feel so incredibly lucky to witness such love.”

We can barely imagine what Chrissy Teigen must be going through. But being vocal about her struggle is helping others around to deal with similar things.

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