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Chris Rock Sides With Johnny Depp Amid Amber Heard Trial

Johnny Depp gets support from Chris Rock as he sides with him and roasts Amber Heard for allegedly defecating in a bed she once shared with Depp.

Comedian Chris Rock takes Johnny Depp’s side while he took the stage in London to kick start his Ego Death tour in the UK. Chris did not make any comments on Oscar’s slap but instead had some opinions on Amber Heard. According to LAD Bible, Chris had the audience rolling on the ground with laughter when he criticized Amber’s testimony against her ex-husband Depp.

Earlier, it was revealed that Amber allegedly told Jonny’s former security guard, Starling Jenkins III that she had defecated in a bed that she once shared with Johnny. This confession has taken social media by storm as memes started circulating like wildfire. Chris Rock joked on stage, “Believe all women, believe all women… except Amber Heard What the f* is she on? She s* in his bed! She’s fine but she’s not s** fine. She s** in his bed.”

The comedian went on to say, “What the f* is going on there? Wow. And they had a relationship after that. It must be amazing… I’ve been with some crazy but god*.” The shocking relevant was made by Jenkins when he was called to testify in court in Fairfax, Virginia on April 28. Jenkins testified that after a major fight between Amber and Johnny, he had a conversation with Amber while he was driving her to the Coachella festival in California.

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Amber said that it was a ‘horrible practical joke gone wrong.’ Many shocking details have come out during Johnny and Amber’s ongoing trial, which include an alleged finger-severing incident. However, Johnny revealed that his finger got cut off after Amber threw a vodka bottle directly at him. Amber also revealed that Johnny allegedly did a cavity search on Amber to find out if she hid any drugs. But by far, the defecation proclamation is the worst. While the trial is on a break, Johnny flew to London to free his mind before the trial begins again next week.

A source told Hollywood Life, “It’s been really refreshing for Johnny because it’s given him some personal space away from the media attention surrounding the case. Johnny appreciates that he can go through town along the south coast and walk along the street virtually unnoticed. He’s using this week to re-energize for the next phase of the trial.” The trial is currently paused and will resume on May 16.

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