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Chris Hemsworth Joins Bizarre Trend Of Holding Breath Underwater, See Video

Chris Hemsworth can be seen holding his breath underwater in a pool for several moments.

Chris Hemsworth is best known for playing the superhero Thor in the Marvel franchise. However, the actor recently showed off his impressive water skills. However, recently, Hemsworth took to his social media and shared a video of himself performing the new challenge.

In the video, Thor: Love and Thunder star can be seen holding his breath underwater in a pool for several moments while one of his children swam nearby. Chris showed off his ripped abs, chiselled chest and large shoulders in the video as he directed his kid around the pool. Chris is taking part in his Centrfit program’s Moves That Matter and has so far clocked up 200 minutes holding his breath underwater.

Alongside the video, the actor penned in the caption, “Don’t let distractions get in the way of your goals… no matter how hard they try to swim in front of you.” Several famous friends and fans quickly expressed their awe at the film star. Dwayne Johnson also took to the comment section and praised the actor’s physique. The Rock commented, “My one ab never looks this chiseled under water… looking great brother.”

Meanwhile, other social media users quipped, “Jacked. Based on this, you held your breath for 17 seconds…new personal record.” Others added, “Trying to break Kate Winslet’s new record underwater like.” Chris recently flaunted his physique while surfing at a beach not far from his $7 million Byron Bay home on Wednesday. In the video, he showcased his chiselled chest and bulging biceps while clad in black star-spangled swim trunks.

Marvel star celebrated the festive season with his family at a $30,000-per-week resort in Fiji. Previously, the actor explained his latest challenge. Chris wrote, “Today my team @centrfit is launching Moves That Matter, supporting the great work our partners @goodsportsinc do to help the next generation.”

The actor added, “Throughout 2023 we’ll be turning every minute you spend training, cooking and meditating with Centr into support for the next generation. To kickstart the mission, I’ve pledged 1200 active minutes in January. Now it’s your turn. Make your pledge and let’s go!!”

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