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Chris Evans Had Fun Exchange With Jeremy Renner After His Accident

Jeremy Renner also shared a photo of himself in a bed receiving what appeared to be physical therapy and Chris Evans had a perfect reply.

Jeremy Renner and Chris Evans are friends in Hollywood who rarely can be found. And recently, Renner and Evans had some fun chatting on Twitter. Jeremy Renner has recently shared a message on his social media about being on the mend and looking forward with a positive outlook after his snowplow accident. And Evans reacted with a light-hearted response to his Marvel costar.

Renner also shared a photo of himself in a bed receiving what appeared to be physical therapy. Chris replied to the photo saying, “That’s one tough.” While referring to the PistenBully vehicle that was involved in Renner’s accident, Evans asked, “Has anyone even checked on the snowcat???” Captain America star then concluded his note by saying, “Sending so much love.”

However, Jeremy showed that his humour remains unchanged after his accident, replying to Evans, “Love you, brother… I did check on the snowcat, she needs fuel.” For the unversed, Jeremy Renner was airlifted to a local medical centre on January 1 after he was run over by an “extremely large piece of snow-removal equipment” he owns. The accident occurred as he cleared his driveway and helped his neighbours remove snow after a significant snowfall in the area.

Hawkeye star recently revealed that he has broken more than 30 bones in a snowplow accident. The actor shared a photo of himself writing, “Morning workouts, resolutions all changed this particular new years… Spawned from tragedy for my entire family, and quickly focused into uniting actionable love.”

The Mayor of Kingstown star further said that he wanted “to thank EVERYONE for their messages and thoughtfulness for my family and I… Much love and appreciation to you all.” He then revealed, “These 30 plus broken bones will mend, grow stronger, just like the love and bond with family and friends deepens,” Renner concluded. “Love and blessings to you all.”

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