‘Chianca Chop Free’: British TV Host Mispronounces Priyanka Chopra’s Name, Fans Call It “Unacceptable”

A video of a British TV host "mispronouncing" Priyanka Chopra's name has gone viral and sparked outrage among her fans.

A video from a British channel is making the rounds on the internet where the host, Andi Peters, struggles with pronouncing actress Priyanka Chopra’s name. The viral clip has sparked debate online, with some suggesting Peters may have intentionally mocked her, while others speculate he genuinely didn’t know how to say her name. In the video, Peters was at Madame Tussauds in London for the program “Good Morning Britain,” standing beside Priyanka Chopra’s wax figure. While discussing the celebrity, he stumbled over her name and referred to her as ”Chia Chianca Chop Free.”

Meanwhile, the co-hosts of the show, Adil Ray and Charlotte Hawkins, intervened to correct him, stating, ”Honestly, Andi. If you’re going to stand next to somebody, at least work out what their name is. That’s Priyanka Chopra, the Indian Bollywood actress who is now a massive star in America.”

However, the incident didn’t sit down well with Priyanka’s fans who brutally slammed the TV host for mispronouncing her name. A user commented, “Someone needs to tell Andy Peters at least Priyanka Chopra has earned her place in Madame Tussaud’s because he hasn’t”, another user commented, “I used to like Andy – not anymore! That was really rude and it’s not that hard to say her name at all!”.

For those unaware, following a successful career in Bollywood, Priyanka Chopra transitioned to the US and achieved global stardom. She is married to American singer Nick Jonas, and the couple has a daughter named Malti Marie. On the professional front, Priyanka’s upcoming projects include “Heads of State,” which also features Idris Elba, John Cena, and Jack Quaid in prominent roles.

Additionally, she recently revealed her involvement in “The Bluff,” directed by Frank E Flowers. Priyanka also announced her collaboration with the production team of Barry Avrich’s upcoming feature documentary, “Born Hungry,” as a producer.

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