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Not Kanye, This Was The REAL Reason Why Pete Davidson Quit Instagram

The comedian left Instagram amid controversies surrounding his latest girlfriend Kim Kardashian and her estranged husband Kanye West.

Kim and Kanye were anyways making headlines over their relationship status, thanks to comedian Pete Davidson for entering into the picture and taking things to another level. Ever since Pete started dating Kimberly, Kanye’s love for his wife and his kids started to soar even higher.

The rapper, who once looked like he too moved on from his marriage, was seen stating multiple times how he wants to get back with Kim and the kids and wants to give his family a second chance. But all that didn’t help, as Kim and Pete’s relationship progressed, making no room for Kanye to re-enter. Baffled Kanye has since made attempts to reinstall his place in Kim’s life, from accusing her of not inviting him to their daughter Chicago’s birthday party, to questioning her parenting, after seeing their 7-year-old daughter North using Tik Tok. He even objected to Kim’s divorce plea and is clearly unhappy to see his estranged wife romance her new boyfriend on TV.

The “Donda” star took to his Instagram, as usual, to connect to his fans and share his opinions. But soon-to-be ex-wife Kim thought it was unnecessary that the rapper shared about their personal life on the internet, this has always made Kim uncomfortable. To add insult to injury, Kanye also recently bragged how he and his fans literally ‘ran’ Pete off Instagram, following negative comments. Kanye referred to Pete as ‘skete’, accusing him of destroying his family.

Pete, who has rejoined Instagram nearly after 3 years, was on a hiatus from the social media handle owing to his mental health. But when the comedian did his comeback, his debut post had no mention of Kanye or the ongoing drama. Instead, his post talked about his upcoming movie, “The Home”. But Kanye’s loyal fans raged out on the post, as a wave of abusive and negative comments surrounded Pete’s posts. Following this, the comedian quit Instagram again, many believed the comments disappointed him and made him deactivate his account again.

Celebrating the outcome, proud Kanye took to his Instagram “Ran Skete off the gram,” he wrote. “Tell your mother I changed your name for life,” he further wrote. But sources close to the comedian have revealed how his quitting the social media again had nothing to do with Kanye, surprisingly.

“Pete deleted his IG because immediately after his first post he started receiving a flood of messages, both positive and negative, reminding him why he didn’t want social media to begin with,” they revealed.

“[Pete] is in the middle of several big film projects and wants to continue to stay very focused on his work and the positive things happening in his life,” they added further.

“Kanye didn’t drive Pete off social media” they claimed.

Kanye has made it obvious on several occasions now he feels Pete has destroyed his married life. The “Donda 2” star in one of his tracks ‘Security’ indirectly aimed his gun again at Pete, accusing him of coming between him and his kids. He had also asked his fans to ‘scream’ at Pete if they spot him on the streets. Although the rapper shares a loyal fan base, from leaking private texts to threatening Pete, many have raised their concern and have called his behavior‘ problematic’.

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