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Check Out Must Watch Halloween TV Shows

Enjoy Halloween month by binge-watching these best tv shows.

October is at the door, and it’s the perfect time to get in the Halloween spirit with some intriguing binges. Streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video, and Disney+ offer several series that you can watch according to your mood. Whether you’re looking to laugh with family or something spooky, here are the best shows to stream this Halloween month.

Sabrina the Teenage
Starring Melissa Joan Hart, Sabrina the Teenage Witch features the laughs with a supernatural twist. You can stream all seasons of the show on Prime Video.

Based on the book series The Mortal Instruments, Shadowhunters follows a girl who descends from a long line of human-angel hybrids who hunt down demons. You can stream this spooky series on Prime Video.

Teen Wolf
Teen Wolf follows a young high schooler, who finds his whole world turned upside after getting bitten by a wolf. He battles against various supernatural creatures to protect his hometown. Stream Teen wolf on Prime Video.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina
If you can’t get enough of Riverdale, Chilling Adventures of Sabrina will be perfect for you. Based on the Archie comic, the series follows Sabrina who has to choose between the witch world of her family and the human world of her friends as her 16th birthday nears. Stream Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix.

Boo, Bitch
Starring Lana Candor, the limited series follows two senior BFFs who make a last-ditch attempt to be seen. But when one of them becomes a ghost, she’ll need to really live her best life, while she can. Boo, Bitch is available to stream in Netflix.

Locke & Key
Locke and Key follow three Locke siblings and their mother. After their father is murdered under mysterious circumstances, the trio of siblings move into their ancestral home with their mother, Keyhouse, which they discover is full of magical keys that may be connected to their father’s death. You can stream Locke & Key on Netflix now.

Stranger Things
The series is set in the 1980s and follows a gang of teenagers in a fictional Indiana town as they combat otherworldly forces unleashed by mysterious government groups. Stranger Things is available on Netflix.

Good Witch
If you want to go on a new magical journey with Cassie Nightingale and her daughter Grace, then Good witch is worth watching. The series follows Dr Sam Radford who moves in next door to Grey House with his son, they are charmed by the ‘magical’ mother-daughter duo. Watch Good Witch on Netflix now.

Julie and the Phantoms
From Kenny Ortega, known for High School Musical and Hocus Pocus, comes this supernatural musical series about a teenage girl who finds her passion for music and life with the help of a high-concept band of teen boys (The Phantoms) who have been dead for 25 years. Julie, in turn, helps them become the band they were never able to be. Julie And The Phantoms is available on Netflix.

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The Society
Based on Lord of the Flies, The Society follows privileged teens in West Ham, Connecticut who, upon returning home from an extended camping trip, find themselves trapped in their town without parents and surrounded by miles of uncharted forest that suddenly appear out of nowhere. The teens have to essentially create a society from the ground up and learn to take care of each other while also finding out what happened to the adults. Watch The Society on Netflix now.

Wizards of Waverly Place
Starring Selena Gomez, the hit Disney Channel show, Wizards of Waverly Place, is about the Russo family who may be looks like an ordinary family with an average restaurant, but behind closed doors, all three children must compete to be the next family wizard. Wizards of Waverly Place is available on Disney plus.

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