Check Out 8 Upcoming Disney Live-Action Remakes

From Aladdin 2 to Beauty and the Beast prequel series, here are the upcoming Disney live-action remakes to look for.

Disney recently announced giving life to fans’ favourite characters. The world of live-action Disney remakes has expanded to spin-offs and even television series. After releasing big classics with live-action remakes of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and Pinocchio, here are ten upcoming Disney live-action remakes.

The Little Mermaid
The upcoming musical fantasy film directed by Rob Marshall is from a screenplay written by David Magee from a story by Magee, Marshall and John DeLuca. The live-action adaptation of the 1989 animated film of the same name follows a young mermaid who makes a deal with a sea witch, to trade her beautiful voice for human legs so she can discover the world above water and impress a prince. The film will star Halle Bailey, Jonah Hauer-King, Art Malik, Noma Dumezweni, Javier Bardem and Melissa McCarthy, with Daveed Diggs, Jacob Tremblay, and Awkwafina in voice roles. The Little Mermaid is reportedly scheduled to be released on May 26, 2023.

Peter Pan & Wendy
The live-action adaptation of J.M. Barrie’s classic tale of a boy who wouldn’t grow up recruits three young siblings in London to join him on a magical adventure to the enchanted Neverland island. Peter Pan & Wendy arrives in theatres in 2023.

Gaston & Lefou prequel series
Set in the iconic kingdom of Beauty and the Beast years before the Beast and Belle’s epic romance, the series will follow Gaston (Evans) and LeFou (Gad) as they set off with LeFou’s step-sister, Tilly (Middleton), after a surprising revelation from her past comes to light, sending the unlikely trio off on an unexpected journey filled with romance, comedy, and adventure. While the mysteries of the past are uncovered and the dangers of the present grow, old friends and new enemies reveal that this familiar kingdom harbours many secrets. The Beauty and the Beast prequel series has not had a confirmed release date now.

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs
The upcoming live-action adaptation of the 1937 Disney film is based on the 1812 fairy tale of the same title by the Brothers Grimm. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs will star Rachel Zegler in the titular role and Gal Gadot as the Evil Queen. The film will be released theatrically in 2024.

Mufasa: The Lion King
The upcoming prequel to 2019’s live-action The Lion King, is set to be directed by Oscar winner Barry Jenkins. During Disney Expo, director Jenkins shared that it is a story of the rising of Mufasa to one of the greatest kings in the history of private lands. It was also revealed during the event that Billy Eichner will return as Timon, reprising his role from the 2019 film. Meanwhile, Variety has reported that Aaron Pierre and Kelvin Harrison Jr. will voice younger versions of Mufasa and Scar, respectively. Mufasa: The Lion King’s release date is set for 2024.

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The Sword In The Stone
The upcoming film will follow a young boy who learns how to be a king with the help of a wizard. A live-action adaptation of Disney’s animated feature film, The Sword in the Stone is set to release in 2024.

Disney is set to put a “modern spin” on the new live-action Hercules movie. Producer Joe Russo previously teased to GamesRadar+ a little bit of what fans can expect from the upcoming reimagining of the 1997 animated classic. “It will certainly pay homage to the original with a more modern spin on it,” said Russo. Other details of the film have been kept under wraps.

Aladdin 2
Aladdin 2 will not be reportedly an adaptation of the animated Aladdin sequel, ‘The Return of Jafar.’ This will be a whole new story. Mena Massoud will return with his role as Aladdin. Will Smith and Naomi Scott will also return with their respective role as Jeanie and Princess Jasmine. Aladdin 2 will be released in 2025.