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Charlie Puth Slams Troll Criticizing BTS Jungkook

A recent Twitter troll tried to put down BTS singer, about their song, 'Left And Right,' Charlie Puth was quick to respond with his support for Jungkook.

Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s song ‘Left And Right’ was released last month. And since its release, the song continues to rise on the Billboard charts. However, while fans loved the collaboration, there are a few social media users out there who are criticizing the song. However, Charlie Puth recently slams one of the trolls who said that Charlie ‘carried the song’, invalidating Jungkook’s contribution.

A troll that tried to put down BTS’ youngest member, commenting ‘Puth carried.’ Charlie Puth was quick to respond with his support and appreciation for Jungkook in the song and its success, writing ‘Team effort.’ Moreover, Charlie Puth always expressed his admiration for the BTS singer in previous interviews, praising his ‘perfect pitch. While praising Jungkook, Puth previously shared, “It’s very easy collaborating with Jungkook.”

Puth continues, “He sent over a perfect vocal & I had it in my head for a while that somebody would sing this song with me & I thought he would be perfect for it because we’ve had this musical chemistry.” He also mentioned that he did not have to alter Jungkook’s vocals in any way because he sounded perfect in the final cut. Charlie Puth and Jungkook’s new song, Left And Right, was released soon after BTS’ emotional Festa 2022 dinner where the K-Pop band revealed that they are taking a temporary hiatus to focus on their solo career.

In the latest song, Charlie Puth and Jungkook sing about their relationship. Left And Right becomes a huge hit and grabbed the number 1 spot on most of the streaming platforms, including Spotify and iTunes. While BTS ARMY loved the song, they also had a hilarious interpretation of the song, including that Charlie is a BTS fanboy and obsesses over Jungkook, just like them. ARMY was little sad as the KPop boyband announced hiatus. At the same time, they were also excited to listen to their singles.

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