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Cardi B Sets The Record Straight On Accusations Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati

Cardi B sets the record straight on accusations of being a member of the Illuminati saying, "Stop with the Illuminati" theories after trolls allege that she "sold her soul".

Cardi B Refutes The Rumours Of Being A Member Of The Illuminati!

Today audience being the biggest critic can very easily reach out to their favourite stars in this digital world through social media, as every coin has two sides it has also become very easy for netizens to accuse any star of any rumour that they believe in.

One such long-standing rumour has been the of the existence of Illuminati, and rapper Cardi B was recently accused of being a part of it.

The singer, though, set the record straight to all the trolls alleging her of being an Illuminati and managed to put down the speculation once and for all.

On social media platforms, Cardi B never steps back from voicing her views. The American rapper took to social media and posted a befitting reply that people should “stop with the Illuminati” conspiracy theories.

How These Accusations On Cardi B Emerged?

This comes against the backdrop of a photo recently shared by the rapper, where she wore a costume of red latex from head to toe.

She even wore headgear that appeared like the horns of the demon. Cardi captioned the post as, “Single,bad and rich.I do the controlling”

Although Cardi B clearly disclosed her relationship status, there was a section in the caption that caught the eyeballs of netizens, after which they began claiming that the rapper had a link with the Illuminati.

What Is Illuminati That’s Cardi B Accused Of?

The post was filled with remarks by netizens that indicated that the rapper was part of a group called the Illuminati.

The Illuminati is a secret society and the Illuminati power a lot of things around the world, according to the conspiracy theories, since they are supposedly around high and influential positions.

Conspiracy theories claim that this category contains famous artists such as Beyonce, Jay Z, and Rihanna.

Theorists also believe that one must allegedly sell their soul to Satan or demons to become a part of this group.

The person will attain success and glory in the human form of life in exchange for that.

Fans seem to believe such a society exists, even though these are all theories.

Check out a few of the following remarks claiming that Cardi B is member of the Illuminati and has sold her soul to the devil.

Only on the basis of the way the rapper was dressed (like a ghost or demon) in the photo were the remarks mostly on post made.

“Smh Illuminati horns,” on user wrote, while second claimed, “You sold your soul for fame and money.”

The third said “ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED” and “Illuminati has joined the chat.”

Eventually after so many accusations Cardi B posted another picture setting records straight for them who accused her of being a member of Illuminati ,captioning the post as, “Stop with the Illuminati sh*t ….It was just costumes for a tiktok video D*MN”.

Meanwhile, Cardi’s latest positive post on social media comes just three weeks after filing for divorce from Offset, 28. 

Talking about divorce, the documents showed that the former lovebirds are divorced at the moment and “there are no prospects for a reconciliation.”

Cardi B Files For Divorce From Husband Offset After 3 Years Of Marriage
Cardi B and Offset (Splash news)

With respect to their two-year-old daughter Kulture, the papers specify that Cardi’s “requests that this Court honour and enforce any custodial arrangement agreed to by the parties and that such arrangement should be whatever is in the child’s best interests.”

In addition, the court papers specify that she “reiterates her desire for an amicable resolution of this case.”

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