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Camila Cabello’s Hair Makeover By Her Mom Went Wrong

Lots of stars during the coronavirus lockout attempted haircuts at-home. The results, for Camila Cabello, were not what she wished after her mom attempted to trim her overgrown bangs.

Other than getting toilet paper during the coronavirus lockdown, everybody’s biggest dilemma is how long and out of control their hair has become with no chance to see a barber or hairdresser. Camila Cabello, 23, finds herself in that position because her bangs have grown too long.

It was getting harder for her to see, so she engaged her mom Sinuhe Estrabao Cabello’s support to give her bangs a trim because the singer had no faith in her. Sadly things didn’t go as hoped. Camila posted the experience via her Instagram stories on Apr. 20. She was seen with wet hair in her bathroom, though wearing a white towel around her face.

“Alright guys, so this is what it’s come to. The bangs are too long. Can’t go outside. I’m going to have to trust this woman,” she said, referring to her mom, pointing her camera to show her the wet hair.

“That’s her with my bangs cause I can’t trust myself. They’ll look like mountains. Cause that’s what I   used to do in seventh grade, I’d cut my own bangs them and they’d look like mountains. So I’ve been seeing a lot of posts warning people not to do this. Let’s see how it turns out. Right now I looks like Snape but…” referring to the character Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movie series by Alan Rickman.

Camila admitted in the following video, “It actually ended up looking not that bad. Um, I’ll show you guys when it dries up,”  but she hasn’t shared any videos or pictures of her hair makeover so far. Her mom could be heard in the background laughing as the singer explained, “Don’t to this at home. She gave me a pedicure this morning…made my foot bleed.”

She then switched the camera to Sinuhe who laughed and said, “Yes, that’s me. Well, Camila learned a valuable lesson that not to let her mother near to her hair and her toenails when they’re in quarantine. Her boyfriend Shawn Mendes is also with her so maybe she’ll let the 21-year-old the singer has a chance on her hair cutting next time.

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