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Camila Cabello Inspired By Shakira & JLo’s Super Bowl Performance, Explains Reason Behind Social Media Break

Camila Cabello praises Shakira, JLo, Demi Lovato, J Balvin & Bad Bunny. She debuts a bob haircut and explains why she took a "social media break".

The first thing Camila Cabello did on being back from her mini social media break was praise her fellow latina superstars Shakira and JLo for their brilliant 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show Performance.

Cabello took to Instagram to praise the singers writing, “I was in awe last night watching these two vibrant, powerful, inspiring Latina women put on a show for the world last night!!!!! @shakira @jlo thank you for showing girls everywhere that you can be whoever you want to be in this life- and do it with grace, strength, joy, kindness,and a whole lot of badassness!!!” alongside a series of snapshots of the performances.

The Never Be The Same singer even had some great things to say about Demi Lovato singing the national anthem as she further wrote, “@ddlovato you sang the anthem so gorgeously, with so much confidence and grace in your eyes, thank you for inspiring us all on this stage and the Grammys stage last week when you showed us all how much courage and beauty there is in being vulnerable and just being…. human.”

Last but not the least, the Senorita singer praised J Balvin and Bad Bunny writing, “@jbalvin and @badbunnypr you were both incredible as always, and as always going hard to represent Latinos! “

She further added how the artists inspire her to work hard, “Also since I watched this last night I am committed to working out an hour a day to be as ripped and strong as these ladies and also definitely taking pole classes this year because DAMN. so inspired, thank you ladies!”

Camila also debuted a fresh new bob haircut and spoke about her much-talked about social media break saying, “hello!!!! usually when I take these breaks from social media, it’s cause I need some space or time away from it – I think it’s healthy to know when you need time for yourself- that’s been my biggest thing I’ve worked on this year so far is to listen to my intuition and what my mind and body need!!!! When I feel overwhelmed or overstimulated I’m like…. ok I need to give myself a little room to slow down. but I miss and love you guys!!!! I’m in London right now working on Cinderella and I’m having the time of my life TBH here’s a picture behind the scenes of a music video that’s coming out very very soon… how are you guys doing?! How’s life!! How are your hearts! I’ll read some of the comments and reply

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