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Cameron Reveals His Dark Past Related With Drinking And Social Media

One of the most globally successful social media influencers Cameron Dallas reveals his dark past with drinking and social media.

He is one of the most globally famous social media influencers with the largest fan base on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat where he began his career and got the claim to fame with the new fashioned way ala Justin Bieber style by just having fun and messily goofing around on social media. At that point of time, he had pouty lips, floppy type of hairs, and also possessed a real talent of selfie vulnerability, which ultimately ended up turning him into a Justin Bieber ish type of smartphone loving pin up boy when he had just newly joined this world of social media. Usually nowadays when any social media influencer or actor doesn’t really open up about their life in an up close and one on one kind of way, he chose to do this impossible where his fans will be very proud of the fact that Cameron reveals his dark past related with drinking and social media.

This happens albeit very rarely and is like the famous phrase of surprising things happening only ‘once in a blue moon’, where after beating all his contemporaries in the same highly competitive field from past so many years, instead of holding back he decided to come straight and clean where all his fans would be feeling really happy and their hearts might be smiling wide because of that fact that their favourite singer, social media influencer and actor Cameron reveals his dark past related with drinking and social media.

Right from his younger days in childhood from the time he got into this glamorous field of modelling and social media he didn’t really have anyone to guide him on the correct path which resulted in him doing vulnerable mistakes which affected him badly over all as a person and it is indeed a courageous move that Cameron reveals his dark past related with drinking and social media.

Surely he is one of the most globally recognized and prominent super models in all over the world, but after having gone through all this from past ten years and then being gutsy enough to spill all about it completely that too in an interview takes a lot of strength and we salute his spirit as Cameron reveals his dark past related with drinking and social media.

During the time when he was new in the social media world it was his junior year in high school when he decided and ended up creating his Twitter account where after gaining a few thousand followers he got paid approximately 100$ for wearing a Pura Vida brand of bracelet in a post which was his first salary that he ever made.

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Straight forward to now a decade later after becoming one of the most successful social media influencers and models along with having such a huge fan base across the globe, the now 26 year old model during his recent interview with a leading digital entertainment magazine told, “I didn’t realize just how draining it had become”.

When asked about his childhood days and life Cameron said, “I would come home and try to do homework, and all I could hear is the other kids playing”. Further he continued on same lines and also explained about how he was in middle school when MySpace which was one of the earliest social media platforms totally based on music had just been launched. He also added, “They had a ‘Top 5’, It made me want something from the Internet. A seat at the cool kids table”.

Later he also spoke in details about how fame was not good for his academics where he was barely even graduated from the high school, He also stated, “People would ask me, ‘What do you want to do?’ I didn’t have a clue”.

In the next part of his story, he told about how he pretended to attend a community college near his house but in reality he wasn’t after which he started posting his locations to see how many girls would turn up after that which was the moment when other influencers like Aaron Carpenter and Shawn Mendes realized the fact that their fans would pay money for going to their meet and greet events after which they all started going on local tours where Cameron earned daily 1000 dollars.

Perhaps even more important than money and fame was the chemically induced dopamine rush of being loved by the fans where in by the year 2014, Cameron was one of the first ever social media influencers on Instagram to get a million likes on a post after which he started earning about 20,000 $ for a sponsored post and this made it possible for him to move to Los Angeles and stay on his own independently and then it was later that Cameron started falling into this deep bottomless black hole of social media addiction where he started rigorously and relentlessly tracking his likes and followers on all social media platforms on a daily basis where he’d get confused if any day he lost followers or had less likes on his posts which he also opened up about during the interview and said, “The high that it can give and [what I would do] to facilitate that high — social media was a drug for me” and further he also quipped, “It took a lot out of me”.

In the final part of the conversation he came clean about how bad his drinking habits had become by the year 2019, where he said, “I had no set schedule, no one to tell me what to do, and I knew everyone at all the clubs”.

By the year 2019 last year the entire world started seeing his breakdown in real time, which started with a series of scandals and ended with his arrest.

Then after this incident, with his mom and sister’s unconditional unwavering love and support always there with him, he started going to the rehabilitation centre that mainly had its prime focus on depression, anxiety, addiction and many other things and soon after this he enrolled himself in an intensive outpatient program and in last year may he celebrated a complete one year of soberness and no alcohol. Explaining the same, he said, “I’m excited for the first time in a long time just to see what happens”.

In the entire last year, all his focus has just been on his self-care and self-work and this is real. Spilling beans about the same he said, “it’s like the opposite of social media”.

Also telling about the same he explained the facts that how the important people of his life, including his mother, sister, sponsor and girlfriend “actually saw me do it. Really saw me”.

While now Cameron hasn’t really touched any booze or drugs since the past year or so, he still uses social media but in carefully balanced proportions and strict moderation. On a parting note, speaking about the same he told, “I can’t go back to how it was. I can’t. But social media isn’t always bad. It’s just how you use it”.

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