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Cameron Diaz’s Playful Response For Fans Won Their Hearts

Charlie's Angels hollywood star Cameron Diaz's playful response for her fans on the Instagram won their hearts.

Its a very amazing thing when an actress’s adorable yet playful response for their fans makes them happy and similar thing happened very recently off late when Cameron Diaz’s playful response for fans won their hearts.

Actress and their fans have a very wonderful kind of relationship where the fans are the one who these actors the globally renowned, versatile stars that they are today and without the fans and their love the actors are nothing since its next to impossible to survive and this love and bonding between fans and an ace iconic actress was seen very recently on social media where Cameron Diaz’s playful response for fans won their hearts.

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Actually, a very interesting and unknown fact came to the limelight on Instagram when one celebrity watcher person told the fans Cameron Diaz is Lionel Richie’s sister in law in real and after Cameron who played the character of Natalie Cook in McG’s Charlie’s Angels had her own humorous and funny hilarious take on the same for her fans which won their heart.

Also on 13th October 2020, Betches website content director Ashley Fern took to her official twitter handle and came out with a tweet which said, “Nicole Richie & Cameron Diaz are sister in laws and I feel like we don’t talk about that enough.”

Source: Ashley Fern Rothberg Twitter. she had put this tweet on her account on 13th October 2020

This same tweet was later shared on the official Instagram handle of Betches days later where the caption read, “If you came here to tell us it’s “sisters in law”, don’t”.

Source: Betches Instagram. This tweet was posted days later on Instagram with this caption.

This post caught the What Happens In Vegas’s star Cameron Diaz’s attention and following which, she commented on the post where that comment read, “[twin emoji] ?!? [mind blown emoji] !!! [winky faces] @nicolerichie.”

Also, this is a real story that co-stars Cameron Diaz and Lionel Richie became sister in laws through their husbands. Cameron got married to Benji Madden 5 years back in January 2015. whereas the The Simple Life (2003-2007) prolific TV star tied the knot with the Good Charlotte band’s lead guitarist’s twin brother Joel Madden back in the year 2010.

In fact yes, it was Nicole, who introduced Cameron to Benji and can be termed as the matchmaker between both of them.

Also 4 years back, Cameron had shared a post on her Instagram account where she shared her unconditional love and affection for Nicole Richie and wrote a very heartwarming sweet caption which read, “We’re sisters because of our misters and I am SO impressed by and proud of how talented she is. Her capsule collection at Revolve is a wonderful reflection of her spirit and her style; sexy and chic, playful and grounded, feminine with a hint of masculine, retro yet contemporary, Congrats and @nicolerichie #hohxrevolve”.

Source: Cameron Diaz Instagram. 4 years back the actress shared this post for her sweetest sister in law Nicole Richie on Instagram.

According to a leading entertainment magazine back in 2016, It stated that Nicole helped Cameron and Benji a lot after the couple welcomed their first baby girl Raddix in January 2016. Where a source was also quoted telling the magazine, “Nicole and Joel have been so great, and they’ve offered to help in any way they can, both now and moving forward”.

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