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Caitlyn Jenner Is Quarantined With Sophia Hutchins In Her $3.5 Million Oceanfront Mansion

Caitlyn Jenner's quarantine looks not too bad, judging by the picturesque views of her 11-acre Malibu estate! When doing household chores, the 'KUWTK' star gave a glimpse at her lavish home.

The travel restrictions levied by the coronavirus would not have too much an effect on Caitlyn Jenner, judging by her view that might rival the Amalfi Coast! In an Instagram video posted with the Kardashians star on April 9, the 70-year-old Keeping Up unveiled the beautiful ocean views she gets inside her $3.5 Million Malibu mansion every day.

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The clip begins with Caitlyn vacuuming the carpeted floor of her lavish estate during her quarantine, and later she panned the camera out to show off the green hills and the blue ocean that served as the backdrop of her house.

“The garage is perfectly clean, the cars are all washed, and now I’m down to the carpets,” Caitlyn wrote a message in the caption section of the clip, which documented her cleaning task of the day. Referring to the view of El Pescador State Beach outside her mansion, Caitlyn added, “And it’s a beautiful day outside! Stay busy!”

Sophia Hutchins, 23, gave a glimpse of the same view on April 8 in her own Instagram video! Sophia’s room, where she filmed a quarantine update during her self-isolation with Caitlyn, could see the tranquil beauty of rolling green hills of Malibu through the glass windows.

“It’s Day 28 on my quarantine and it’s okay to not be okay,” Sophia said in the video. “I’m thinking of all of you and were going to get through this.”

While Sophia and Caitlyn social distancing together, they are not dating — and have never!  “We were never romantically involved,” Sophia revealed in an interview with The New York Times in Dec. 2019. Their association is professional; in fact, Sophia is the live-in manager of Caitlyn.

In the same interview, Sophia confirmed that she is negotiating all of Caitlyn’s deals, which included the role of Caitlyn in I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here in fall 2019. Caitlyn moved into her four-bedroom Malibu compound in 2015, and after taking the position of Caitlyn’s manager, Sophia became the second resident of the house.

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