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BTS To Perform Dynamite On Party Royale Mode At FortNite Games

Global International Superstars BTS are going to perform their latest hit English single Dynamite at Party Royale Mode on FortNite Games battle free gaming mode.

Global international superstars and the Korean Boy Band BTS are all set to perform Dynamite on Party Royale mode at FortNite Games.

This is surely a piece of happy news to all the BTS ARMY’s and fans around the world. Recently, Epic Games have announced that the Korean pop boy band BTS is going to perform Dynamite on Party Royale mode at FortNite Games.

It isn’t the first time that Epic Games have brought musicians on board to perform in its battle free gaming mode.

But yes, so far, BTS is undeniably the most popular and loved Korean pop boy band across the entire globe. They recently teased their ARMY fanbase around the world with news of an upcoming concert at a secret venue. Later they went on to reveal all about it being FortNite in a video that was published today.

Currently Epic Games are going all in to speak to its users about their collaboration with BTS on their official twitter handle. They even changed their FortNite twitter icon to an image of the BTS band.

If you’re not a fan of Korean Pop Band BTS, then you haven’t really heard about them. BTS is the global international Korean pop boy band who have created history with their latest English single Dynamite, which is breaking all the records since its release last month. The song received 101.1 million views within the first 24 hours itself after premiering.

Source: FortNite Games. BTS to perform on Party Royale Mode At Fortnite Games

Also with that said, it is not a surprising news to hear that BTS will be performing their single “Dynamite” on FortNite Games as a part of the Party Royale mode. This event would involve the debut performance of a new choreographed version of their hit song Dynamite.

This would soon be followed by a tropical version of their song which the Korean Pop Boy Band BTS explained in the music video on Monday.

Source: FortNite official YouTube page. Fortnite shared this Party Royale teaser video featuring BTS on their YouTube Page

Same like many of the past music premieres held in Party Royale at Epic Games, the players will be seen getting a couple of special emotes so that they can dance along to the song. According to the video above, the players will need to join in early to get these special emotes.

Though this time around Epic has not yet released all the accurate and precise minute details. All the players who will be joining in would find the main performance by BTS performing Dynamite on the Party Royale stage.

This event would be taking place on the 25th September 2020 at 8 PM EST / 5 PM PT. Epic has raised the curiosity level and intrigue quotient of all the people and netizens by giving out only a three second teaser of the choreographed music video in one of its announcement tweets on Twitter.

The event will follow all the past concerts and premieres which also include the movies.

Source: FortNite Game. The announcement teaser of BTS performing Dynamite at Party Royale
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