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BTS To NOT Attend The Billboards 2022- Here’s Why!

The prestigious awards night is all set to take place on the 15th of May, and BTS, after earning 6 nominations, won't be attending it! Here's why!

BTS has done what they’re known to do the best! After delivering ‘back to back charts topping’ songs all throughout the year, despite challenges like COVID and more, the band has lived up to the expectations of its millions of fans. With their grand performance at the Grammys 2022, fans were more than eager to witness another spellbound ING act at the Billboards, this year, the boys have made it to a whopping 6 nominations.

The nominations include Top Duo/Group, Top Song Sales Artist, Top Billboard Global Artist excluding the U.S, Top Selling Song with Butter and Permission To Dance, Top Billboard Global Song (excluding the U.S.), and Top Rock Song (My Universe). But according to many Korean reports, the septuplet band is said to skip this year’s attendance at the event. Here’s why!

K-Media Reveals Why The Boys won’t Be Attending The Event

It is being revealed that the band won’t be attending this year’s event because they wish to concentrate more on their comeback, to focus more efficiently.

The boys have won several awards at the BBA’s from their past nominations. Here’s a look at them:

Top Social Artist Award (2017)

Top Social Artist Award (2018)

Top Duo/ Group (2019)

Top Social Artist Award (2019)

Top Social Artist Award (2020)

Top Song Sales Artist (2021)

Top Selling Song (Dynamite) (2021)

Top Social Artist (2021)

The Grammy-nominated band had an interview with the Billboards magazine last year, where they discussed their fans and what keeps them going. “We are not exceptional people — our plate is small,” said rapper Suga, “We’re these rice-bowl-size guys getting so much poured into it. It’s overflowing.” V added. “The pressure has been overwhelming.”

But last year, soon after the release of this magazine, titled ‘Inside the Business of BTS — And the Challenges Ahead’, many ARMY accused the magazine of presenting the boys in a very condescending manner. The magazine discussed many concerning topics like BTS’ Military Enlistment and even alleged the band’s fans of ‘Chart Manipulation’. They even quoted another famous K-Pop girl band ‘Blackpink’ as BTS’ rivals, making ARMY more furious.

However, the band is all set to return with its most anticipated comeback, the album will contain three CDs and three brand new tracks including the title track yet to Come. Take a look at the BTS Proof tracklist schedule.

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9th May to 11th May (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – Tracklist

17th May to 23rd May (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – Proof of Inspiration

28th May to 29th May (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – concept photo (Proof)

31st May to 2nd June (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – concept photo (Door)

7th June – Not yet announced (surprise schedule)

8th June (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – Yet to Come MV Teaser

9th June (12 AM KST/ 11 AM EST) – Yet to Come MV Teaser

10th June, 1 PM KST/ 12 AM ET – Yet To Come MV release

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