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BTS Staff Gave Jungkook A New Nickname- ‘Baby Star Candy’. Here’s The Full Story!

The maknae of the group has tons of cute nicknames! Here's the backstory behind his latest nickname 'Baby Star Candy'! Read to know more!

BTS, as we know, is currently one o the most followed and perhaps, most loved boy bands in the world, with a loyal fan base across the globe. The South Korean boy has managed to woo everyone with their charismatic personality and down to earth nature, despite the fame and success, they enjoy! The band members, equally enjoy the love and support from their fans, but the youngest of the band, Jeon Jungkook, is adored by fans and the group members the most.

The most loved maknae of the group goes by many nicknames; kookie, nochu, golden maknae, bunny but one that remains unknown to many, is a cute nickname given by the staff members of their label, Big Hit. The adorable nickname has an even adorable backstory, for the unknown!

During BTS’s one of the Bangtan Bomb episodes, specifically the 2020 GAYO DAEJEON episode, Jungkook can be seen looking fondly at a star candy eaten by RM, all by himself. It can be seen in the video, RM asks the maknae of the group to try some of the candies with him. “Do you want some?” asks Namjoon to which Jungkook promptly replies, “I already had some”, but his doe eyes still kept glaring at the candies.

Referring to this small interaction, the thoughtful staff members of the label, who share a very great bond with the boys, took to the band’s official Twitter account, BIGHIT Music, as they used the same hashtag ‘BabyStarCandy’ to refer Jungkook on his 2021 birthday. Sugar candy star reefers to a small, star-shaped candy.

Since then, fans have been referring to Jungkook with the same nickname.

Not just nicknames, the BTS staff are also well versed in each of the member’s personality and characteristic traits. A staff member had once opened about Jungkook’s personality saying, “BTS’ Jungkook is really the most curious person I’ve ever met. He’s always asking, ‘What is this, what is this for,’ and he’s fascinated by the explanation. Plus he’s attentive to every suggestion given to him. He has a very open personality toward everyone.”

Another staff member shared acute interaction with Jungkkok, “Lastly after the filming was over, my last task was to mop the floor. While I was washing the mop in the bathroom, Jungkook came in. Because Jungkook was a world star and I was just a staff member, I wasn’t sure if I could say something to him.”

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“Jungkook who was washing hands bowed deeply to me and said, ‘Thank you for your hard work.’ Being so surprised, I blurted out, “Ah, thank you! You worked hard too. It’s such an honour. Have a good day!’Smiling, Jungkook responded, ‘Ah…well, the day is now over. Thank you! Have a good day!’ and left the bathroom.” said the staff.

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