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BTS Leader RM Requests Fans “Please Don’t Throw Your Stuff On Us Okay?”

The behaviour of some fans from BTS's last few shows has made ARMYs all over the world furious, because of their irresponsible attitude towards the boys. Here's what leader Namjoon had to say to them!

Even if you haven’t attended the South Korean band BTS’s current ‘Permission To Dance On Stage- Las Vegas’ concert, a four-day mini-tour at the Allegiant stadium in Las Vegas, chances are, you still know what all happened at the concert. Sure the boys were enjoying every bit of the show, interacting with ARMYS and performing at some of their grooviest tracks, the fun-filled show, also received some backlash from ARMYs, for some of the crowd members irresponsible behaviour.

What made ARMYs fume in anger, is how many fans from the crowd, threw random objects and gifts, at the boys as they performed on the stage. Stuff like flower bouquets, fan cards, soft toys and many more such things were flung in the boys’ direction, not only invading their private space but also posing a threat to them. The eldest member of the band, Jin, despite hand surgery, made it a point to get involved at the performances, with limited exposure of course. But despite his efforts for his fans, in one of the videos, it can be seen how a toy was thrown in his direction by a fan, making it almost hit his injury. Incidences like this have got ARMYs angry, who can’t seem to bear seeing other fans attending the event do this, just for some attention from their favourite idols.

While a few days back it was been suggested how BTS’s label, HYBE
Entertainment, itself was going to look into the matter and release an official statement to prevent such acts from recurring, but the brave leader of the group has decided to speak for himself and his team’s security. In a viral video, which turns out to be a snippet from their latest concert, RM can be seen addressing the fans as he says, “We are gonna come closer to you guys, but please don’t throw your stuff on us okay?”

This has made ARMYs even more furious, as Namjoon sounded very concerned and serious in the clip, requesting fans to not repeat it again. Many fans expressed their opinions saying, “people’s poor decisions are ruining everything for us” others said, “What’s sad is because people refuse to stop, we are eventually going to lose the privilege to interact with them that close. Because of a few people making bad choices, everyone will lose the experience.”

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Another fan thought it was quite shameful, as RM himself had to address the issue, “It is a shame Namjoon has to say to you guys to not throw stuff at them. Y’all should’ve known that. You didn’t need someone to tell you that” another concerned fan shared, “Even the flowers they don’t always catch. They’re performing: singing and dancing and not always aware of incoming missiles. Flowers have stems which can poke an eye out as they’re thrown with force, or at the very least scratch.”

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