BTS Jungkook Reveals The Name Of His ‘Future Child’

The maknae of the group recently hosted a QnA session on Instagram where he revealed the name of his future child! Read to know his choice of name!

Remember when Jungkook mentioned in an interview that he’d get married when he’d turned ‘hundred years old? Sure, the vocalist of the group has no plans of settling down any time soon, but has already decided on the name of his future children! ever since BTS made their debut on Instagram, it’s safe to say that the maknae of the group has proved to be the most interactive as against all his hyungs, with frequently going live and doing QnA sessions with ARMY as and when he gets time.

Recently, in one f his QnA, apart from answering all fan’s questions, Jungkook was asked by an ARMY if he has decided on any names for his future child. “What would you like to name your child?” asked one ARMY. Only when fans thought they might have to wait for some time to get an answer from the young idol, he instantly replied to the ARMY, as if he has all planned it out. Jungkook shared that he would want to name his child “Jeon Seol” which translates to ” Jeon Legend”, JEON being Jungkook’s last name.

Not just one, the ‘euphoria’ singer might have had decided on more than just one name for his future kid. Apart from Jeon Seol, he might also consider “Jeon Yul” which roughly translates to “Jeon Shiver/ Goosebumps”, a person who gives chills to others with their unique personality.

The youngster had once shared how grateful he was for all the love he gets from fans. “Just like when I was little, I am still warmhearted and trust people well. I give my all to those I love until they break my heart. My members acknowledged this. Sometimes, I worry that something will happen, but fortunately, I have my members to lean on. But if I rely on them too much, it’s like I’m hiding behind them, so I need to find a balance.” he said.

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“There are definitely many people who are greater than me, and as I get older and time goes by, I will have no choice but to go down. But I don’t think about landing. I have a lot of things I want to do. I want to expand my territory and climb up higher.” he continued.