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Times When BTS Jungkook Helped Local Brands!

The golden maknae sure has a heart of gold, which the 25-year old has proved time and again, with his act of kindness. Here's to acknowledging just a few of them!

BTS as a band needs no introduction and Jungkook, the maknae of the group is no exception. The 25-year-old vocalist of the band has taken not just the K-pop industry, but the global music industry by storm, thanks to his hardworking personality and undeniable charms. Fans of the young superstar make no mistake in following him, as Jungkook is known for setting various trends, also known as a ‘trendsetter’. Among other nicknames that he has, his fans worldwide also call him ‘sold out king’.

Jungkook’s popularity sees no boundaries, in South Korea itself, the ‘euphoria’ singer has multiple ties to increased stock prices of various companies overnight and has helped homegrown startups boom effortlessly. Jungkkok has not only helped all businesses grow but also made South Korean culture known, worldwide. Here are some highlights when he helped businesses grow, unknowingly, that perfectly proves why he’s called ‘Sold Out King’.

  1. Jungkook, or for that matter, all of BTS members are known for their fashion statement and style quotient, most importantly their cool airport looks, where these global icons flash ghetto look. It was during one of these appearances that the south Korean idol was seen sporting a modernized hanbok by Zijangsa, this small company’s sales skyrocketed overnight, thanks to Jungkook. He not only helped the small 10 employee company grow but also started a trend in South Korea.

2. When in an episode of Bon Voyage 3 where Jungkook was seen reading a Japanese author’s book ‘I Decided To Live As Me’, making it a best selling book in no time in Korea and in Japan too. Not just that, due to its high demand, the book later got published in English and was delivered worldwide.

3. In ‘In the Soop’, Jungkook helped another small clothing brand called ‘A nothing’, making the small brand gain over 8000 followers on Instagram in a day. He had worn the clothing on one of his V-Live sessions on his birthday, making the brand immensely popular.

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4. Everyone remembers the iconic V-Live session, where Jungkook was seen referring to a Kombucha. The boy with Midas touch surely unknowingly helped a local tea brand called ‘Teazen’ it was reported that the singer had made their business grow 5 folds after he was spotted drinking their drink. The drink got so much popular, that the tea almost went out of stock right within a couple of days since the brand name was revealed.

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