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Why Is Jay Park Being Accused Of Holding BTS Jungkook Hostage? Truth Revealed!

In a recent development, BTS fans, aka ARMY, have been demanding to let free Jungkook, who according to him is being held, hostage! Read to know the whole story!

When Jeon Jungkook, aka the maknae of the group BTS, posted pictures of himself with K-Pop singer-rapper Jay Park, fans reaction to it was very confusing at first. ARMYs have been sharing the picture since then, demanding ‘freedom of jungkook from Jay Park’. While what looks like a normal picture of two K-pop idols clicking a picture together, some ARMY’s reactions have left others wondering what the deal is all about!

On April 19th, Jungkook reshared a post of Jay Park, in which the two are seen hanging out together in a studio. As Jay Park shared the picture, he also poured love on fellow K-Pop idols and praised them for their hard work. In the picture, the two can be seen smiling, with Jay’s hands-on Jungkook’s shoulder and in a close-up selfie where the two are seen grinning widely. “Being at the top, being humble and willing to keep improving… .john handsome ..even good at boxing.. after I met Jk I can definitely see why they get so much love. Humble ambitious and talented.” captioned Jay.

In what looks like a normal picture, showcasing the bromance of two well known K-pop stars, others started an unknown hashtag, that started to surface on Twitter, saying #jkhostagesituation and #FreeJungkook, #jkheldhostage, leaving many in a state of confusion. Some fans expected collaboration between the two artists, while others demanded Jungkook’s freedom. If it got you scratching your head too, let us tell you why!

For the unversed, Jay Park is a Korean singer-rapper, who was previously a part of the K-Pop band 2 PM. But the rapper-singer had left the band and South Korea back in 2009, owing to some scandal and controversy but later returned in 2010 and rebranded himself, starting his solo career. Since then, Jay Park has been writing, and producing as well, apart from singing and rapping. It all started when previously Jay Park had badmouthed the band and insulted them, with Jay now posting a picture with Jungkook, fans are convinced that he’s only using BTS for clout, to gain publicity and hence demand Jungkook to be held free from his hostage, as ARMY believes the maknae is unaware of his true intentions.

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“And if i trended this to free jungkook from the fake envious family, hybe’s dungeon and fandom disrespectful to him i’d be the bad guy. all this because he was seen in the studio with someone other than 6 others. mental illness.” reacted a fan.

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