BTS Member Jin Joins Mandatory Services, Photos From The Military Centre Go Viral

BTS member Jin is the first singer in the K-pop band to commence his mandatory military service in South Korea.

BTS’ Jin is all ready for Military service! Jin was recently seen preparing to embark on his mandatory military training. Jin, who turned 30 on December 4, has recently commenced his military training, as South Korean law mandates able-bodied males are mandated to serve a range of 18 and 21 months in the military.

Jin, who is the first singer in the band to commence with his military service, said of the new hairdo on the Korean app Weverse, ‘Cuter Than I Thought.’ Sungdeuk Son, who is the director of music performance for the popular boy band, posted the image on Instagram. He captioned the shot, ‘I hope you have a healthy trip and be a precious time in your life..’

Meanwhile, the label for the group, Big Hit Music, asked for fans to not visit Jin in a post on Weverse, saying they will update fans on how he is doing while he was away. The company said in the statement, ‘Jin will fulfill his required time with the military by enlisting in the army.’ The company added, ‘Please note that we will not be holding any kind of official event on the day of his recruitment.’

Big Hit Music statement continued, ‘The entrance ceremony is a time to be observed by military personnel and their families only. In order to prevent any issues that might occur from crowding, we ask fans to please refrain from visiting the site. Instead, we ask you to keep your heartwarming words of support and farewell in your hearts.’ ‘We ask for your continued love and support for Jin until he finishes his military service and comes back. Our company will also strive to provide every support he needs during this time.’

In October, the K-pop band, who announced in June they were taking a break, said in a statement that both the label and ‘the company and the members of BTS are looking forward to reconvening as a group again around 2025 following their service commitment.’ Meanwhile, on Tuesday, fans gathered outside a military training facility in Yeoncheon, South Korea, where Jin was expected to arrive via a motorcade. Several photos from the military centre are also going viral on social media.

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