BTS’ J-Hope Gushes About His New Solo Album ‘Jack In The Box’

BTS J-Hope shared about the pressure of his solo debut and how his bandmates helped him by giving genuine feedback.

The K-pop band BTS has recently announced that they are taking temporary hiatus to focus on their solo career. And all the group members are working hard! BTS’ J-Hope is also focusing on his solo career, however, he still trusts his bandmates to be first in line to hear his new music.

In an interview with Rolling Stone published the same day his debut solo album Jack in the Box was released, J-Hope revealed that the very first person to hear the new record was his bandmate RM. While talking about RM’s reaction to his song, J-Hope shared that RM said, ‘Wow, I didn’t think you’d do music like this. I have a bit of brain freeze. And it’s so you. The fact that you brought this music at this time… I really respect it, and I love that it’s so you.”

The next feedback was from Jung Kook, who was apparently so inspired by the album that he felt ready to make music of his own. J-Hope recalled, “It was really funny. After hearing the album, he suddenly went to his studio. “I think he felt the motivation to start. I love that one of our greatest motivators is one another.” The three singers have been in BTS along with Suga, Jimin, V and Jin, since 2013, and together, have become one of the most popular groups in the world.

Meanwhile, J-Hope, who will become the first South Korean artist to headline a main stage at a major American music festival when he performs at Lollapalooza later this month, being the first member of the group to put out a solo album brought equal parts nervousness and excitement. “Since I’m the first one to go solo, I feel a sense of responsibility and there’s definitely some pressure as well,” he said.

J-Hope added, “Jack in the Box is filled only with things I personally wanted to do, almost to the point where I worry to myself, ‘Did I focus too much on solely what I wanted to do?’ I think that’s where the half nervousness comes from.” He added, “This album is really meaningful to me, and mostly, I feel proud and excited it’s coming out.”

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Credit: Official YouTube Channel Of HYBE UPDATES

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