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BTS Gives An Inspiring Speech At 75th UN General Assembly

Global international superstars BTS recently gave an inspiring and motivating speech at the 75th United Nations (UN) General Assembly.

Korean Pop Boy Band and Global superstars BTS after basking in the continuous success of their song “Dynamite”, now gives an inspiring speech at 75th UN General Assembly.

Two years after BTS leader RM’s eye opening, thoughtful and motivating speech at the UN (United Nations), this time around in 2020 the entire BTS band has given another powerful speech during the recently held United Nations 75th General assembly.

BTS earlier had also been fortunate enough when they gave their speech 2 years back at UN General Assembly. With the same spirit, now also the Korean Boy Band BTS gives an inspiring speech at the 75th UN (United Nations) General Assembly.

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The boy band was introduced to the people in the assembly by Henrietta Fiore, who is the executive director at UNICEF. She told the troubled people and youth struggling from the COVID 19 pandemic that, “You are not alone. I hear you. And I know our friends, BTS, hear you”.

BTS leader RM started the speech by going back to his 2018 words, “Two years ago here, I asked your name. I urged you to let me hear your voice. And I let myself be filled with imagination,” before telling, “COVID-19 was beyond my imagination. Our world tour was totally cancelled, all our plans went away, and I became alone. I looked up but couldn’t see the stars at night”.

Going further, the speech was continued by Jimin who said about how he felt so hopeless as all things were totally falling apart from each other and that he was very saddened as he could only look outside his window or go to his room.

Speaking about the same Jimin explained to the troubled youth that, “Yesterday, I was singing and dancing with fans around the world, and now my world had shrunk to a room. And then, my friends took my hand. We comforted each other and talked about what we could do together”.

Next up, Suga came in and spoke about how his life all of a sudden became too simple and normal and maybe for him it was the first time ever that he experienced this change which felt unwanted but was precious and welcoming one which was the need of that moment and hour.

He said, “I’m used to an entire world shrinking in an instant. When I’m on tour, I stand in bright lights and loud cheers, but at night back in my room, my world becomes only a few paces wide. The room itself was small, but my world and our world reached far and wide. In this world we had our instruments, our phones and our fans”.

Adding more to Suga’s words in the speech, V stated about how this time around it felt very different yet lonelier and smaller. He kept on thinking about the reasons for a long time though and then started wondering that was it because it felt too hard for him to imagine the entire world getting stopped and suspended in this way.

He told, “I was frustrated and depressed, but I took notes, wrote songs, and thought about who I was. I thought, ‘If I give up here, then I’m not the star of my life. This is what an awesome person would do”.

Next J Hope confessed in the speech that he didn’t really know as to which member of BTS it was but yes they all embraced and came together as one with all these weird and conflicting emotions which is what led to the band making music together.

He explains, “This is where the music came from, and this made us honest. Our lives are unpredictable. We don’t know all the answers. I know where I wanted to go, but not how I could get there. All I did to get here was trust ourselves, do my best, and love what I do”.

BTS Jin also added to J Hope’s word and said, “I found again the people I love. The other members, my family, my friends. I found the music I love and I found myself. Thinking about the future and trying hard are all important. But cherishing yourself, encouraging yourself and keeping yourself happy is the most important. In a world of uncertainty, we must cherish the importance of ‘me,’ ‘you’ and ‘us’. That’s the message of LOVE MYSELF we talked about for three years. It’s the message in the lyrics of our song Dynamite: I’m diamond / You know I glow up.”

Jungkook spoke at length about how when all the BTS members were working together one night and then Namjoon said that he couldn’t really see the stars in the sky anymore. Further explaining the same Jungkook spoke, “… But I saw my face reflected in the window. I saw all of our faces. Our songs became the stories we wanted to tell each other,” Jungkook agreed to this fact before saying,  “We live in uncertainty, but really, nothing’s changed. If there’s something I can do, if our voices can give strength to people, then that’s what we want and that’s what we’ll keep on doing.”

On a parting note in their speech at the 75th UN General assembly Namjoon said, “When I start feeling lost. I remember my face in the window like Jungkook said. I remember the words I spoke here two years ago: Love yourself, speak yourself. Now more than ever, we must try to remember who we are, and face who we are. We must try to love ourselves, and imagine the future. BTS will be there for you. Our tomorrow may be dark, painful, difficult. We might stumble or fall down. Stars shine brightest when the night is darkest. If the stars are hidden, we’ll let the moonlight guide. If even the moon is dark, let our faces be the light that helps us find our way. Let’s reimagine our world. We’re huddled together tired, but let’s dream again. Let’s dream about a future when our worlds can break out of our small rooms again. It might feel like it’s always night and we’ll always be alone, but the night is always the darkest before the first light of dawn.”

BTS concluded their speech with the words, “Life goes on. Let’s live on”.

Source: BTS Official BangTan TV YouTube Channel. Their speech at 75th UN General Assembly.
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