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BTS ‘BE’ Is Number One On Rolling Stone 200 Charts

Korean Pop globally renowned international superstars septet band BTS new album 'BE', is number one on Rolling Stone Top 200 Album Charts.

Globally prominent K Pop superstars and boy band BTS is dominating the music charts globally and is unstoppable as it goes on creating new records. This news will surely make the global #BTSArmies very happy that their favorite BTS ‘BE’ is number one on Rolling Stone 200 charts.

It’s really a very good and exciting scoop of the day that the band who has worked so hard all these years is now finally conquering and fulfilling its dream of being the only non-American Korean Pop boys band and global superstars who have made it so much big in all around the world through their endless hardwork and determination where surely even our Indian #BTSArmies will become very thrilled with this news that BTS ‘BE’ is number one on Rolling Stone 200 charts.

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BTS album ‘BE’ has grabbed the top and coveted number one position on the latest Rolling Stone Top 200 Album Chart. The entire music album collection BE which only is just 28 minutes long, sold out more than 136,000 albums digitally  with 27.2 million streams. In addition, the eight songs on the BE album by BTS, if combined together, then they earned close to 242,000 download streams.

Further, Megan Thee Stallion’s Good News followed closely by came in at the 2nd position just below BTS in the Rolling Stone 200 album charts. Here, the rapper easily surpassed BTS with more than 95 million streams but ultimately BTS album BE sales and song downloads were much more than Megan Thee Stallion, which was in BTS favour as they globally are dominating the music charts of Rolling Stone Top 200 album charts.

Finally, the third song in the top three list of the Rolling Stone 200 album charts was renowned singer Taylor Swift’sFolklore’ which was a longest running number one earlier this year, came in the top 3 songs list because of two main reasons where one was Taylor featured a new special song in Disney+ and also released the vinyl song copies of her song Folklore to Target.

This is a very much important, coveted and pivotal digital songs chart which makes a list of the most trending and popular songs of the week in the United States (US) which uses album units as a scale and measuring indicator that combines and joins digital and physical album sales, digital song sales, and audio streams using a specially conceptualized and created weighting system. 

The Rolling Stone 200 Albums chart is updated daily, and each week Rolling Stone finalizes and publishes an official version of the chart, covering the seven-day period ending with the previous Thursday.

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