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Britney’s Interview With Cry For Help About Conservatorship Gets Deleted

Renowned pop singer Britney Spear's interview wherein she mentions about her conservatorship gets deleted and is in headlines since "Framing Britney Spears" documentary on Hulu came out now.

Globally loved Hollywood pop singer Britney Spears who is known for her songs like Criminal, Baby One More Time and many more as much as is missed by her ardent fans today as she is under conservatorship from past so many years now, but in her early adulthood also was constantly in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. It so happened that an earlier interview dating back to around 5 years back in 2016 did feature the singer herself wherein Britney’s interview with cry for help about conservatorship gets deleted.

After quickly rising to fame as a teenager, she went through a very publicized breakup from pop star Justin Timberlake. But now this unknown fact is out about how Britney’s interview with cry for help about conservatorship gets deleted.

She then went to suffer and experience something of a totally downward spiral which was a sheer indication of a severe mental health crisis along with a lot of huge public scrutiny and assessment of her every move. But even having known all this, it is true that certainly Britney’s interview with cry for help about conservatorship gets deleted.

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Also, cutting long story short now after that entirely controversial episode, Britney then got into a legal trouble that also included her custody dispute with her father over both her sons and also a question of whether she has that much strength to take care of herself and since her decision had been taken by the courts, then it landed her permanently into a conservatorship which has left all her fans across the globe irked and angered on her father.

While all her fans have been coming together as one strong unit spearheading the movement with the hashtag #freebritney on social media from quite a while now and also speak with one another for ways to get her out of it on her behalf, the pop singer has not spoken about it herself and rarely ever mentioned it. One TV interview did had an intense discussion on this situation, but it was not aired on TV.

After getting into superstardom with her hit song Baby One More Time (1998), certainly in next few years, Britney’s rise as a global pop superstar was unstoppable. She gave hit after hit songs and went into relationship with Justin Timberlake which didn’t really work out and then by 2004 she married her ex’s one time backup dancer Kevin Federline within 3 months of dating and sadly their relationship didn’t last long as two years later after they both had two kids, Britney got a divorce over a text message in 2006.

After divorcing Kevin Federline, things went downhill for her as she then shaved her head and threatened the paparazzi with an umbrella and these pictures got splashed across various newspapers which became gossip material for people and she started getting harassed by the paps which played key role in her behavioural pattern.

By 2008, she ended up losing custody on her kids and was admitted in hospital for mental health issues and within that same year itself, her father was given the conservatorship of 27 years old Britney wherein court gave him legal rights on her kids, assets, medical decisions and properties as well.

Britney’s fans have often enquired about the duration of the conservatorship and in 2020 itself, she attempted to get her father removed as sole conservator also succeeding in getting a co-conservator appointed but alas still is under the clutches of her father.

Coming back to now, Even before the “Framing Britney Spears” documentary which got released earlier in this month on Hulu, there has been a totally growing social media movement #FreeBritney wherein her fandom has used social media platforms to bring to attention about the pop singer’s totally unfair and unacceptable situation right now wherein they have read her work right from album covers to lyrics which clearly indicate about how she has been asking for help.

But during her 2016 interview from The Jonathan Ross Show, whilst speaking about her album Glory, she also spoke about her conservatorship and lots more in the unaired part from the interview which never went on air and also got deleted. In that interview conversation, Britney was quoted saying, “Okay, so I have this conservatorship. I’ve been under this conservatorship for three years and I felt like a lot of decisions were made for me, so I wanted Glory to be my baby and I’ve been really strategic about it”.

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