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Britney Surprises Fans With Her New Unreleased Song On Instagram

The 39 years old award winning queen of American pop music, Britney Spears gave her fans a surprise with an unreleased song on her instagram account as a video post.

The ultimate queen of American pop music and award winning singer Britney Spears who is in best phase of her life both personally and professionally as well ever since her engagement to beau Sam Asghari in last month on 12th September and also now that her father Jamie Spears has been overthrown as her conservator as well, Britney surprises fans with her new unreleased song on instagram.

Yes, this is true that the 39 years old American popstar Britney surprises fans with her new unreleased song on instagram.

Fans can get excited and really thrilled as their favorite Britney surprises fans with her new unreleased song on instagram.

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Her video caption for this unreleased song on her instagram handle reads, “I was researching on my computer and was checking out some of my songs that haven’t been released as singles … and holy smokes there’s a lot !!!! Where the hell did it all come from anyway ??? I came across one song and was like this is kinda cool … even though I forgot what I’m saying at the end … you know the cool part is that I added it last minute because I wanted a ray of light @madonna breakdown !!! Well I could have sworn I was saying I just eat my honey”.

She also adds, “But I remembered it’s actually I just keep on running !!! Just a little insight …this is definitely me experimenting with what I can do … you know a home studio with no lights and a four year old phone….”.

Sharing about how she made this home music video of her unreleased song within just 2 hours, Britney also revealed, “I made this video in a two hours … edited all of it … I know some videos can be made in a day or two … pulling all nighters and then some movies talk almost a year !!! Phone Booth was made in 10 days … HOLY CRAP”.

Also opening up on her plans of turning a director by helming a movie similar to the iconic Kill Bill, Britney spilling the beans on her future plans of turning a film maker in Hollywood apart from being the versatile and global pop icon shares, “And I’m thinking about directing a movie similar to KILL BILL … considering YELLOW has always been my favorite color. do you think it might upstage RED ??? Messy edit ??? Well what do you expect from a woman whose hands are smaller than a 12-year-old’s ??? Pss I’ve been holding onto this for a while because it’s one of the first times I’ve shared my music”.

Source: Britney Spears Instagram.

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