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Britney Spears SLAMS Bullies For Criticising Her Swimsuit Pictures

Britney Spears bashed the bullies on her social media for posting mean comments about her posts on the platform. Read below to know what she said.

Britney Spears is bashing Internet trolls for insulting her photos and making negative remarks on it. The 38-year-old singer hit the social media trolls for bullying her on Instagram and hurting her feelings.

Britney wrote, I’ve read a lot of things online of people criticizing my posts, saying I post the same 15 pictures with the same red background and wearing the same white bathing suit.” She concluded the comment by quoting a motivational quote, “Nobody watches you harder than people who can’t stand you.”    

She said that she really gets really excited about posting things on social media platforms, and it does hurt her feelings when people troll with mean comments. Addressing the same the singer wrote, “For me I get really excited about my posts and I like to share them with you all! I’ve never owned a white bathing suit before and I simply liked the red background! Reading all of the mean comments really hurts my feelings and I wanted to share because you really shouldn’t be saying all of these mean things to someone you don’t even know  and this goes for bullying anyone really !!”

Britney then also shed the light over the coronavirus pandemic that almost paralyzed the whole and noted that the health crisis should teach people how to be kind to each other. She concluded the caption by writing, “Hard times like we are currently living through should really teach us to be nice to one another …. ! PS I saw some people were offended by me posting about horses yesterday …. I am truly sorry if I offended anyone. I think it’s important to see things that bring happiness during hard times and making light of a situation can sometimes help people ! I love you all …. stay safe …. and be nice !” 

It seems like Britney has taken a strong stance against cyberbullying and surely by bashing her trolls she has taught them an important lesson to respect every individual.

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