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Britney Spears’ Father Requests Her To Pay His Legal Fees After Being Suspended From 13 Year Conservatorship

Throughout the 13-year of her conservatorship, Britney was required to pay all of her father's legal bills.

Britney Spears’s father, Jamie was recently suspended by a judge from his pop star daughter’s conservatorship. And now he is requesting that she continue to pay for his legal fees in a move which Britney’s attorney has called an ‘abomination’.

According to Variety on Monday, Jamie had petitioned to seek the court’s ‘confirmation, authorization and direction’ for his daughter’s estate to pay the lawyers who are ‘participating in proceedings concerning Jamie’s ongoing fiduciary duties relating to winding up’ the conservatorship. Throughout the 13-year of her conservatorship, Britney was required to pay all of her father’s legal bills.

While Jamie served as her conservator along with her own legal fees to defend herself in the legal procedure she had been trying to get out of for years. Variety notes that Spears’ father’s attorney charges around $1,200 per hour. The legal documents the publication obtained read, “Prompt payment on account of Jamie’s attorneys’ fees is necessary to ensure the Conservatorship can be wound up quickly and efficiently to allow Britney to take control of her life as she and Jamie desire.”

Meanwhile, Britney’s attorney stated to DailyMail, “Mr. Spears reaped many millions of dollars from Britney as a conservator, while paying his lawyers millions more, all from Britney’s work and hard-earned money. The conservatorship has been terminated and Mr. Spears was suspended ignominiously. Under the circumstances, his petition is not only legally meritless, it is an abomination. This is not what a father who loves his daughter does.”

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This comes hours after it was revealed that Britney’s former business manager Lou Taylor made ‘millions’ from being in charge of the singer’s finances in a deal that was made while Britney was on an involuntary psychiatric hold in 2008, it has been claimed. According to an investigation from the New York Times, the pop star’s father Jamie Spears had also received a $40,000 loan from Lou’s management company prior to them being hired to handle Britney’s estate.

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