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Britney Spears Apologizes To Sons After Slamming Them For Social Media Comment

Britney Spears reflects on her newest collaboration with Elton John and apologizes to her sons.

Britney Spears’s son Jayden recently commented that the singer uses her social media for attention with Spears slamming him saying, learn to pick up a book and read one. However, the grammy winner singer recently apologised to her sons for her comment. Britney Spears took to her Instagram and shared a new video adding a caption to reference her new collaboration with Elton John and to send her apologies to her sons.

The Gimme More hitmaker reflects on her newest collaboration with Elton John with their track, Hold Me Closer, which was released last month on August 26. After expressing her excitement about the collaboration, Britney shared how talented her two sons are. She wrote, “WE ALREADY KNOW!!! My son might give him a run for his money!!! I have soooooooo much footage of him playing… yep my children are freaking geniuses!!!”

Britney then went on to formally apologize to Jayden and Preston for her social media use. she penned, “Either way, I’m so sorry children I continue to do social media… I’m sorry you feel I do it for attention… I’m sorry for the way you feel.” However, Britney concluded her lengthy caption by saying that she will continue to post on Instagram. She penned, “but guess what???? I’ve got news for you… I’m a child of God as well we all are in God’s eyes… so NOPE I’m not sorry… I’ve learned to say SO!!!’

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During his recent interview Jayden commented on his mother’s use of social media. On her regular Instagram posts, which sometimes see her pose naked and address her fans with lengthy paragraphs, the teenager shared his thoughts. Jayden said, ‘It’s almost as if she has to post something to get attention. This has gone on for years and years and years and this actually may never stop.’

Describing his father, Kevin’s, home as their ‘safe place’, he said he can ‘process the emotional trauma we’ve been through’ there – however did not specify what he was alluding to. He added that he believes her 13-year-long conservatorship went on ‘a little too long’ before her emancipation last November, but that her dad Jamie Spears had only been ‘trying to pursue her dream’ in the beginning.

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