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Britney’s Mom Lynne Spears Comments On Her Daughter’s Wedding After Not Being Invited

Despite the fact that Lynne Spears was not invited to Britney Spears' wedding, she sent a message to her estranged daughter and her husband Sam Asghari.

Her mother commented on one of the singer’s Instagram posts after she uploaded many photographs from the couple’s big day on June 9. Lynne wrote, “You look radiant and so happy! Your wedding is the ‘Dream’ wedding! And having it at your home makes it so sentimental and special! I am soooo happy for you! I love you!” Lynne also liked a picture on Sam’s sister Fay Asghari’s Instagram page, where she wrote, “One of the most beautiful and emotional moments of my life was to watch my brother get married. I love you both so much @samasghari & @britneyspears.”

Britney did not publicly comment on her sister’s or mother’s social media posts. Lynne’s tweet was panned by many of the singer’s followers. For more than a year, she and other members of the Spears family have been chastised by Britney’s fans for supposedly failing to back her in her attempt to end her legal conservatorship, which she had deemed oppressive. After 13 years, everything came to an end last November.

Many fans have also pointed out on social media that Lynne liked an Instagram photo by Britney’s first ex-husband, Jason Alexander, who was married to the pop diva for 55 days in 2014 and was jailed for trespassing after reportedly crashing the star’s wedding. Lance Bass thinks there is “still a wall” around Britney Spears despite her conservatorship being terminated, according to an article Jason posted.

Lynne filed a petition in early November, a week before Britney’s conservatorship expired, seeking that Britney’s estate pays her $660,000 in attorneys’ fees and other costs incurred throughout the court battle. According to the documents, Lynne discussed becoming an interested party in the conservatorship, which was mostly handled by the singer’s father until September, with the pop star, who supposedly “enthusiastically agreed.”

According to Billboard, Britney’s lawyer filed a response that claims, “While [Lynne] had the right to hire and pay for her own counsel, from her own funds, this is, in effect, an issue between Lynne Spears and her lawyers, and there is no legal basis for placing Britney Spears in the middle of it.” Britney took to Instagram after Lynne filed her petition to accuse her mother of “ruining” her life, claiming that she was the one who gave her estranged father “the notion” to start the conservatorship in the first place. Britney’s mother did not reply to her daughter’s post.

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