Breaking Down The Entire Cast Of ‘The Gray Man’; Each Character Explained!

The film will be available to stream on Netflix from the 22nd of July, read to know who plays who in the action-thriller film!

After Netflix announced the release of its next multi-starrer blockbuster ‘The Gray Man’, fans globally have been anticipating witnessing some of their favourite actors come together in a spy-thriller drama. The film also marks the Hollywood debut of South star, R Dhanush, fans of the actor had been waiting for the film since the actor had revealed working on a foreign project. But after the trailer of the film dropped, it made fans excited, but also evoked a sense of confusion owing to the big star cast of the film. For the unversed, the film revolves around the titular character ‘The Gray Man’ aka Sierra Six, who’s a trained assassin in this spy v/s spy action film. Read to know more about the other characters!

RYAN GOSLING- Court Gentry

Ryan, who plays the titular role has made a comeback to this action thriller as a spy agent, who has been recruited by Donald Fitrozy, to be a part of the Sierra team which is a forbidden government unit. The two-time Oscar nominated actor has expressed his happiness of being part of a film that he has always wanted to be in

CHRIS EVANS- Lloyd Hansen

After winning millions of hearts for being the heroic Captain America, Chris has for a change donned a rather grey character in the film. Lloyd is an antagonist, and also a former CIA agent and colleague of Gentry but is now in the run to chase him instead. Since the first look of the film dropped, fans have found Evan’s new look for the film quite intimidating, helming a buzzed haircut and a moustache.


The character that Dhanush essays about in the world of assassins and spies, is someone who’s on a lethal mission. Although Hansen is on the run to chase Gentry, it is also revealed that even San comes under his radar becoming a threat to Sierra Six. Apparently, the Russo Brothers, makers of marvel and now the Netflix blockbuster ‘The Gray Man’ specifically wrote this character so to include Dhanush in the film as they were quite impressed with his previous work and were keen on working with him.

ANA DE ARMAS- Dani Miranda

Ana de Armas is not an unknown name, the actress has been gaining global recognition post her debut role in Blade Runner 2049. Ana plays an agent in the film whos also an ally to Gentry and the Sierra team. Her character although, has been developed after being inspired by many other characters in the film.

REGE JEAN PAGE- Denny Carmicheal

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The Bridgeton fame actor who swooned hertz with his charismatic romantic character in the series will be seen portraying the rather serious and intimidating character in the film. Rege, who plays Denny in the film is the head director of the CIA, and also has taken charge of the Sierra team. Gentry, over the period of time, learns about the secrets and hidden truth that Denny knows, thus posing a threat to him.