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Breakdown of Stranger Things 4 teaser: HOPPER IS ALIVE & more clues

Here’s a breakdown of Stranger Things 4 teaser and all the Easter eggs we found.

Stranger Things 4 teaser was released on Valentine’s day as a valentine’s present to all fans and we couldn’t be mor4e excited especially now that we know HOPPO IS ALIVE!

Before we point out the Easter eggs we found Check out the Stranger Things 4 teaser below:

What we found out from the trailer and what we can expect from Stranger Things 4:

Hopper is alive:

Fans can rejoice as Hopper was not killed in the previous season like we thought, in fact, he appears to work in Russia in season 4 which got us questioning whether he’s on their side, they’ve captured him or is he tricking them?  Mostly we’re leaning on the side of Hopper being held prisoner because in the teaser when the Russian guards head to the prison cell, one of them goes to a door and says “No, not the American (probably Hopper)”

It is prison themed:

The writers of stranger things have released a list of moves that inspired the story line of season 4 and most of them are prison break themed, so we’re looking forward to a massive prison break by Hopper from the clutches of the Russian scientists.

The season is based in Kamchatka in Russia:

From what we know so far, the season is based in Kamchatka, but we see them building a railway line so we never know where they go from there. Some fans think they will transport their machines through the railway lines to a place they can easily access the upside down and from the bell chiming sounds in the first teaser, they might just head to London, who knows?

Tom Wlaschiha, the man with no face from Game of thrones and Jack Ryan could be playing the villain:

The man with no face from Braavos, known to play villain roles, could be one of the major Russian scientist villains and fans are expecting a showdown between him and Hopper.

The name of the first episode of season 4:

This season will have 8 episodes and the name of the first episode is Chapter One: The Hellfire Club and is written by the Duffer Brothers once again.

Besides 11 (Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown), the other kids who were experimented might make a comeback:

The name of the episode sounds a lot like the club formed by the kids who were experimented on and who knows, they might just get together to help defeat the Russian scientists.

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