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Brad Pitt Reveals His ‘Nerve-Wracking’ First Kiss Story!

Brad Pitt takes a nostalgic trip down memory lane and opens up about his “very first kiss”. The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Star reveals the details of his sweet first kiss story that happened over forty years ago!

Brad Pitt has been seen on the big screen for the past 3 decades and has had his fair share of kisses with leading ladies in the industry.

Talking about kisses, Brad recalls his very first kiss in an interview with a leading daily revealing, “Her name was Lisa. It was in her garage. Fourth grade. She was one street over, and I ran home afterwards, I was pretty excited—the anticipation was a bit nerve-wracking. A few kids were already in on it.

The Once Upon A Time In Hollywood star took a nostalgic trip down memory lane and added, “I went to two proms! I wore a white tuxedo. Pinned on the corsage. And I danced,

Speaking about memory lane, Brad has recently been on great terms with ex-wife Jennifer Aniston after his split with Angelina Jolie. However, there is no romance as such between the two. In fact, he has become really good friends with the friends star as a source revealed to a leading daily, “They are on great terms and totally support each other. Clearly, there is still interest in seeing them together, so it would make sense for organizers to want to seat them near each other at the Golden Globes 2020, and if that is what happens, they will be totally fine with it. They’re dear friends.

To top it all, Brad was even invited to Jen’s close-friends-only Holiday party making fans super happy for their reignited friendship!

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