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Billie Eilish Unfollows 600 Including One Of Her Brother Finneas And Justin Bieber On Instagram

Billie Eilish unfollowed nearly 600 users on Instagram including celebrities such as Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, and Ansel Elgort.

The Grammy-winning singer Billie Eilish, who on the social media site enjoys a massive fan following of 65 million followers, appears to have unfollowed every account on which she had previously kept her eye. She has a follower count of “0” as from Thursday morning.

It’s unclear why this step was taken by the 18-year-old singer — but fans pointed out that Eilish allegedly posted to her Instagram Story, saying, “If I am following your abuser DM ME & I will unfollow them,” E! reports.

The portal reached out to the reps of the “Bad Guy” singer for the comment on the same but has yet to hear a response. However, Eilish was not a newcomer to recent social commentary. She took to Instagram in May to slam supporters of “All Lives Matter” after George Floyd ‘s second-degree manslaughter.

“If all lives matter why are black people killed for just being black,” Eilish posted, who recently received a three-year restraining order against a trespasser.

She also shared her voiced opinions with her Instagram followers about the pandemic in March at the start of the coronavirus-related lockdowns in the U.S.—including that social distancing is a responsibility, and that people shouldn’t store supplies.

“It is a really big deal right now, and it is not a joke,” she said. “I know because a lot of us haven’t seen it with our eyes — what it’s been doing and who it’s been affecting — it’s hard to understand that it’s real. But it really is real, and I’ve seen a lot of young people out in the world, all over the place, going to the club or going to the beach, just going out and hanging out. It’s really irresponsible.”

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