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Billie Eilish Shares A Glimpse From Her 20th Birthday

Billie Eilish's mother, Maggie May Baird shared a sweet tribute while posting few throwback snaps from Billie's childhood.

Billie Eilish has turned 20 on December 18 and she took to Instagram to share a picture of her birthday cake. Along with the birthday treat, she also posted two snaps from inside a bouncy house. However, Billie’s face was absent from the snapshots, and she simply captioned the pictures as ’20.’ The pop music sensation added a cake and party popper cone emojis. The peppermint-themed cake was white with crushed candy on each of the two tiers.

Additionally, it had several full canes sticking out of it, as well as tall, multicolor candles. The cake was set on a circular wooden serving board. Billie’s hands were included in the close-up photo as she lit the cake candles with nude-manicured hands. Meanwhile, in the second and third photos, the interior of a blue, red, and yellow bouncy house. It was decorated with white string lights and the second photo included Billie’s foot in the bottom right corner of the frame.

The hitmaker’s post came after her older brother and music collaborator Finneas posted a birthday tribute to her on Saturday. The producer shared three throwbacks with his followers and wrote a touching caption that began, “20!!!!!!!!! Watching you grow and become the thoughtful, incredibly kind, talented, hilarious, and hardworking person that you are today has been the joy of my life!”

In two photos Eilish wore a neon green windbreaker, black pants, and a gold chain necklace while sitting on the floor and leaning her back against a white wall. Finneas also added a video to his post where Billie playfully nibbles on their mom’s hair while they’re inside a bathroom.

Billie Eilish’s mother, Maggie May Baird also shares a sweet tribute to her. She shared a slew of throwback snaps from her childhood and wrote, “Happy Birthday Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell! You are funny and complicated, and goofy, and tough, and strong, and brilliant! Your joy for the holidays and all things birthday and Christmas, gifts so much joy to our family. How can someone be so powerful and so goofy and childlike at the same time? I don’t know, but you make life more exciting and tender. I love you with ALL my heart and soul.”

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