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Billie Eilish Is Favourite Of This Hollywood Couple

Billie Eilish had revealed that she had been a fan of Justin Beiber since she was a baby. Justin Bieber surprised her this time by putting on her own merchandise. Check Out The Picture Below

American singer Billie Eilish was still transparent about her becoming a pop star Justin Bieber‘s big fan. She also posted numerous videos and snaps from her childhood days, when she used to crush Justin Bieber madly. She recently had a big fangirl moment when Justin Bieber shared a photo wearing her exclusive merchandise along with wife Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Beiber shared an adorable duo selfie where the two are seen wearing the exclusive merchandise of Billie Eilish. Although Justin Bieber wore a white pull-over with the full name of Billie’s graffiti-style text design, Hailey Baldwin went for red as she rocked a red pullover with the recognizable stick man logo of Eilish. Justin Beiber listed Billie in the caption, and wrote “Our Fav”.

Billie Eilish went on to post a shocking reaction as she wrote, “OMG,” as soon as the singer posted the photo. The message on a photo of the singer received more than 84 K likes and 2 K comments. Billie Eilish made it more clear when she later posted the photo on her Instagram story that she could not get over it.

The first contact Billie Eilish has ever had with Justin Beiber was when he followed her back on Instagram. The pop star even sent her a screenshot which was, in reality, a message sent by Billie in 2014. In 2019 their more casual experience took place at Coachella. The singer didn’t know she was at Coachella next to Justin Bieber

Bieber had said in an old interview that he relates to her story as he also discovered at the age of 13 and Eilish released her debut hit at the age of 14. The two have collaborated together for an album titled Bad Guy (remix).

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