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Billie Eilish Reveals She Had Red Hair For A Week

Billie Eilish shared a video of herself as a redhead on her Instagram stories during a photo challenge.

Billie Eilish nearly broke the internet last year when she showed her newly dyed platinum blonde locks and finally colored them to a dark chocolate brown for winter. And now Billie Eilish revealed that she was briefly a redhead in between the hair colors.

The singer shared a video of herself as a redhead on her Instagram stories during a photo challenge. When asked for a photo from November 22, 2021, Billie shared a clip of herself at the salon rocking red locks. Eilish captioned the clip, “Took the blonde out and went red for a week hehe.”

Billie revealed her brunette hair in early December with a selfie and the caption ‘Miss me?’ Billie was previously a root-to-tip brunette for a brief period in 2019 before giving her look some edge with slime green roots. The Happier Than Ever era unofficially commenced when Eilish revealed to her devout fanbase in March that she’d traded in her beloved slime-green roots for blonde. Eilish did so by sharing a fresh out of the salon selfie to her Instagram with the caption, “Pinch me.” Along with her new color, Billie had her stylist cut a fringe.

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While Eilish admitted to talking show host Stephen Colbert that she’d been wearing an ‘awful’ wig to hide the often unsightly path to blonde. “I didn’t want to look insane, but I needed something quick,” she explained. “So I literally ordered a Billie Eilish Halloween costume wig on Halloween. ‘It was awful, it was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen. It was literally a fully black wig.'” She reassured her fans at the time that she wasn’t trying to pull a ‘Hannah Montana’ type stunt and that it was simply an easy way for her hair to not ‘look f***ing crazy.’

However, months later, Billie told Ellen DeGeneres that she’d ‘been wanting it blonde for a while but that she didn’t know exactly what motivated her to make such a drastic change. During the photo challenge on Sunday, the star also shared snaps of her blonde hair in February as well as her newly dyed brunette locks in December.

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