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Billie Eilish Granted Three-Year Restraining Order Against Trespasser

Billie Eilish has got a restraining order against a problematic trespasser who in the last couple of weeks has been giving her parents a tough time. Read below the details.

Singer Billie Eilish recently received a restraining order against a man who, according to a news portal, he had appeared multiple times at her Los Angeles Home. The 18-year-old singer currently lives in their home with her parents and thus has been concerned with the behavior of the man. The trespasser was seen several times and Billie Eilish and her parents then demanded a restraining order.

A court hearing was conducted via cell phone for which Billie Eilish and her parents were present. The trespasser has been named as being 24-year-old Prenell Rousseau. The judge accepted the restraining order issuing a 3-year restraining order to the trespasser. This is an order to prohibit him from attempting to contact the pop star or her mother, or getting within 100 yards.

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The order further states that it prohibits Prenell from attacking or harassing her or her family, and also prevents him from coming around her place of work. A news portal claimed that Prenell rang the doorbell to Billie Eilish ‘s house during the first attempt to trespass. Her dad was the first to answer the door, and he checked him through a CCTV.

Prenell then asked if Billie Eilish is living in the particular house, but Billie Eilish ‘s father denied saying the pop star is not living there and Prenell has got the wrong house.

Prenell was persistent, however, despite multiple attempts, and stayed behind. It has also been reported that the father of Billie Eilish was waiting for the authorities to arrive and was keeping a close eye on him.

He sat on their veranda during this time and began reading a book. Billie Eilish ‘s father kept asking him to leave but according to a news portal, Prenell flatly refused to do so.

During the hearing, Billie Eilish was present and quoted saying that in one of her court records, Rousseau showed abnormal behavior. Billie Eilish ‘s lawyers sought a 5-year restraining order but the judge decided 3-year on the basis that Prenell had made no effort to threaten Billie Eilish or members of her family directly.

However, according to a news site, the judge stated that the order would be changed or expanded if needed.

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