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Billie Eilish Called Out Influencers For Partying Amid The Pandemic

Billie Eilish called out the group of influencers who widely ignored social distancing rules and spent hours at parties held in each other's homes.

Billie Eilish called out influencers for ignoring the increasing cases of coronavirus and social distancing orders from the government.

Coronavirus has taken a toll mentally, physically, economically as well as socially on everyone, during this crisis many famous people from the Hollywood are coming forward to spread awareness and importance of social distancing.

Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish (Instagram)

Likewise, singer Billie Eilish is expressing her rage towards influencers partying with friends and ignoring social distancing rules whereas the singer herself hasn’t hugged her BFF from the last 6 months owing to the COVID-19 outbreak.

On her Instagram post, Billie Eilish who calls herself an introvert loner said it was “funny” that so many people are out partying during the pandemic, although she has been practicing stringent steps of social distancing.

It was obvious from the expression on her face that she didn’t find it funny in reality.

“Funny how I haven’t hugged my best friends in six months, and y’all are out here partying,”  she said with a insta filter that made her mouth look weirdly big.

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The singer when zoomed out the camera to her face, clearly exposed her deadpan look and utter lack of laughter at the large group of people who keep going out and party with each other.

Eilish has hit indirectly at the stars such as Tana Mongeau and Charli D’Amelio, who were present at influencer house parties.

On July 14, Jake Paul organised a party at his Team 10 mansion where hundreds of unmasked influencers were canoeing and hanging from heavy machinery.

A week later, 67 influencers visited the Hype House for the birthday of a TikToker where they hugged each other and took pictures undoubtedly skipped measures of social distancing. 

“Warning: a lot of influencers have been confirmed to me testing positive for COVID-19 after the influencer parties, like a LOT,” YouTuber Elijah Daniel wrote on twitter. “And they aren’t saying anything and aren’t warning people they came in contact with after. If you attended, get tested. Y’all caused an outbreak. Thanks!”

YouTuber and satirical news reporter Def Noodles also published multiple messages from unidentified sources in early August, alleging that members of Sway House and Hype House had contracted coronvirus, and that they wanted to party and meet friends regardless.

Many influencers have since then shared Instagram accounts of them undergoing COVID-19 tests, including Josh Richards and Griffin Johnson.

Charli D’Amelio recently told her fans that after facing some feedback for attending Bryant’s birthday party, she was getting tested daily and being safe.

YouTuber and TikTokers often tend to wear masks while they go out to eat at influencer hotspots like BOA steakhouse. But when it comes to partying maybe they just ignore the message about the importance of a face covering.

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