Barry Season 4: Bill Hader Gives Spoilers And A Potential Spin-offs Of The Dark Comedy Series

In an exclusive interview with Deadline, the actor was asked about the series and what audiences can expect in Season 4.

The end is near for Barry. That’s the big question hanging over the black HBO comedy, which has just returned for Barry season 4 and final season and prompted Chechen mobster NoHo Hank (Anthony Carrigan)’s decision to take down the killer in the second of two new episodes.

This marks a big change from Barry’s old ally who plotted in Episode 1 to get him out of prison. Barry is of course there for the murder of Detective Janice Moss in Season 1; He has a mental breakdown, experiencing hallucinations, vivid childhood memories, and insanely optimistic visions of his future. Barry also eventually goes into a self-destructive rage, rubbing his reputation as a “cop killer” in the face of a prison guard and getting what appears to be his wish to be beaten to a pulp.

Hader directed all eight episodes of Barry’s fourth season, which he co-created with Alec Berg. Here, the 3-time Emmy winner talks about what’s to come in the remaining six episodes of the series, including Barry’s prospects for future spin-offs, his desire to make a movie next, and a cameo in the Ari Aster’s recently released A24 horror comedy, Beau Hat Fear. , which opens wide next weekend.

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In an exclusive interview with Deadline, the actor was asked about the series and what audiences can expect in Season 4. He said- “I’m saying the end of the last episode, there’s something happening that I was thinking about season 2. … How we got there was very different. But most of all, this is so much fun to write that at every step the characters say where they want to go and where they need to go. Every time we tried to force it in a certain direction, it just wouldn’t go in that direction.”

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Speaking of starring in a movie, Hader said- “We wrote a movie that I’d like to do eventually, which everyone usually does. You’re trying to do a small, small thing. And then I have two more ideas. One is a bit difficult to describe and the other has a similar tone to Barry, but it’s not a crime, it’s something horrible. I would be in a horror movie. The other two would no longer be there from now on. almost bewitched. So we’ll see. You’re always focusing on what’s going well, and then this, what you’re half thinking about, that’s what [takes off]. I mean, that’s what happened to Barry.”

Season 4 of Barry premieres today on HBO Max.

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